Mainly with a focus on sustainability, ethics is a subject always in evidence at Avibras. Its commitment is to conduct business with integrity, effectively apply the Code of Conduct and improve the compliance program, adopting policies, procedures and anti-corruption practices.

Avibras has zero tolerance to any practice or act which is or might be considered incorrect, illegal, immoral, unfair, or that overlaps the interests of the company and the community.

The company maintains an Ethic's Channel, a relationship channel with its employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders (strategic public), demonstrating its concern with non-ethical behaviors or that might prove to be incompatible with its Code of Conduct and its cultural values.

With a strong commitment from senior management and the total engagement of the employees, Avibras strives to be a company increasingly solid, ethical, transparent and committed to its customers and the development of the country.
The Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee at Avibras was created to support the governance/management of the company, promoting the legitimation, respect, compliance and improvement of the Code of Conduct and the set of processes, customs, policies, rules, regulations and guidelines, which constitute Avibras Culture.

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