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Installation 2 at Jacareí: technological and industrial potential

Avibras is publishing its sustainability report for the second year running, providing stakeholders with information on the company’s management practices and accomplishments, as well as its prospects and the challenges it faces in its markets. 102-52

This document covers 2017 and is aligned with the Essential option of the most recent model of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, Standards. There have been no restatements of data or alterations to the boundary and scope of the previous document published on August 29, 2017. 102-50 | 102-51 | 102-54

The information reported in the document refers to all the Avibras Indústria Aeroespacial S.A. Industrial facilities. The financial statements were audited externally by BDO Brasil. The content was based on the construction of a Materiality Matrix, which involved consultation with internal and external stakeholders. 102-45 | 102-48 | 102-49

Any comments, suggestions or doubts related to this report may be addressed to: sustentabilidade@avibras.com.br. 102-53


The content of this report was defined based on the updated version of the Avibras materiality matrix, in accordance with the GRI guidelines. It covers the most important topics affecting company management and influencing stakeholders’ assessments/decisions. The revision process took into account: internal Avibras documents, such as the report and materiality matrix from the previous year, as well as the company’s strategic planning; sector benchmarking and external documents, such as the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Risks Report; the Brazilian Defence Ministry’s National Defence White Book (LBDN in the Portuguese acronym); the study entitled Value Chain and the Social and Economic Importance of the Defence and Security Industry in Brazil published by the Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas (Fipe); and analysis of media, as well as GRI and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) documents.

This analysis led to the creation of a preliminary list of 20 topics. These were divided into four pillars aligned with the company’s values, which were established by means of interviews with priority stakeholders and via online consultations. This confrontation of influence and impact enabled the identification of the topics of greatest importance for Avibras.

The process was validated in two stages: in the first the Sustainability Committee discussed and approved the inclusion of the topic of cybersecurity. The second, in which the CEO was involved, resulted in the validation of 11 topics, which were organized within the pillars in accordance with company priorities.



The chapters in this report address the topics considered to be material by Avibras management. These are:

Grafico temas materiais