2016 Sustainability Report



Innovation and technology

Differentials that drive recognition


With its development and industrial training centers and specialized professionals qualified in diverse fields of technology, Avibras creates competitive differentials based on quality, innovation and high technology, ensuring global recognition for its products.


In addition to manufacturing high added value products, the Avibras industrial park generates employment and the development of critical technologies.

All the company's activities are compliant with Brazilian and international standards.

The segments served by Avibras and its main products are: GRI G4-4; G4-8

Defense Systems


ASTROS (Artillery Saturation Rocket System)

A global benchmark in its class, the ground-to-ground rocket launching system is distinguished by its great mobility and capacity to launch diverse caliber rockets and missiles, covering distances ranging from 9 to 300 kilometers. The versatile system may be used for field artillery and coastal operations.

Missiles and rockets

A pioneer in the field, Avibras has total capacity to design, develop and produce rockets and missiles for space research and for military applications. The company is known globally for its family of solid high-energy composite propellants.


Light armored 4WD multi-task vehicle with self-defense systems that can be configured for command and control, troop transportation, surveillance and rescue.


A Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) produced with Brazilian technology for purposes of reconnaissance, target acquisition, fire support, damage assessment, as well as ground and maritime surveillance.


Turbo-jet powered tactical cruise missile with a range of 300 kilometers, in the final stages of development and certification.

SKYFIRE Air-to-ground

The latest generation of 70 mm rocket system with high-energy motor, different warheads and launchers with armament management systems for almost all types of fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters.

SKYFIRE Ground-to-Ground

An artillery system that can be mounted on light vehicles or towed. It is appropriate for special forces or light artillery, capable of firing a volley of 36 70 mm rockets in 12 seconds at a range of up to 12 kilometers.

C4ISTAR Systems

Fixed and mobile command posts for use by military units in combat operations, as well as part of fixed command chains.

Anti-aircraft Defense System

Developed in partnership with international companies in the 1980s with updates now available, the FILA low altitude defense system controls cannons and missiles. The medium altitude defense system adopts missiles and latest generation radar for the defense of critical infrastructure in theaters of operation.

Universal Integrated Tactical Artillery System

A system that permits any tube artillery, ranging from howitzers to mortars, including older models, to be used more efficiently and accurately by means of the digitalization of their subsystems.

Electronics and Software Division

Avibras develops, produces and integrates hardware and software for large defense systems employing complex architecture.The company has a broad range of solutions for onboard real time and mission-critical systems, meteorological sensors, radar, inertial navigators, GPS and DGPS systems, as well as military radios for communication and control besides geographical information systems that support navigation and monitoring for missions in the field and interoperability solutions for complex architectures.

With modern laboratories for systems and electronic integration, Avibras develops simulation systems, communication protocols for various platforms, in addition to user-friendly operational interfaces.

In the electronics area, the company has specialized teams, fully equipped laboratories and design tools to develop hardware and firmware for onboard electronic equipment and the provision of integrated logistics support. It also performs tests on electronic equipment produced by other manufacturers to be integrated into Avibras products.

Vehicle Division

With 18,000 square meters, the vehicle plant may be considered the most modern armored vehicle on wheels unit in Brazil. It is located in the same plant that houses the largest munitions and missile industrial complex in Latin America.

With robust industrial capacity and high technology, the plant develops and implements solutions for the production of special purpose vehicles, mainly for military use.

The company also offers solutions in the fields of industrial automation and logistics, port automation, container handling and loading, road-rail transportation systems and multimodal integration systems.

Civilian Market

With a diversified line of products and services, Avibras also supplies the civilian market, spinning off its proprietary technologies in the chemical, transportation, electronics, electrophoretic deposition (KTL) and quality assurance fields.

The company also offers surface treatments for metal parts, applicable to steel, galvanized steel and aluminum, mainly for applications in the automotive industry.


Investment in innovation and critical technologies provides a wider range of products recognized globally for their excellence and quality.