2016 Sustainability Report



Organization and management mechanisms

Restructuring in course


GRI G4-33

Aimed at adapting its management model to current demands and the market reality, Avibras is promoting an in-depth reformulation of its corporate governance and management structures. This process is being led by senior management.

In addition to the executive board, the new structure comprises committees and governance support groups and provides for the future implantation of a Board of Directors.

Executive Board

This is a pre-established governance body whose central role is to oversee management of the company, to take measures in accordance with strategic directives and values, aimed at driving business excellence, sustainability and the achievement of targets.

Statutory Board

João Brasil Carvalho Leite
Chief Executive Officer

José de Sá Carvalho Júnior
Executive Vice President

Leandro Villar
Executive Vice President


Cynthia Benedetto
Financial Director - CFO

Fábio Nakagawa
Industrial Director



Sustainability Committee

This body devises tools to monitor environmental, social and economic performance and verify the company's adherence to international guidelines. It involves employees from the entire company (further information in Sustainable Management – Social and Environmental Performance)

Ethics Committee

This body promotes the legitimacy, compliance and enhancement of the Code of Conduct, upholding the processes, customs, policies, standards, regulations and guidelines that constitute the Avibras culture. (further information in Corporate Governance - Business culture;)

Audit and Risk Committee

Currently being implanted, this committee will identify, assess and analyze risks to which the company is exposed and will monitor measures to mitigate them. It will consist of internal and external consultants and will be audited independently to ensure impartiality in assessing processes.

Support Groups


The group validates budget planning and takes the measures necessary to ensure execution.


Responsible for assessing the real need for purchases based on what has been established in the budget.

Strategic planning

The group tracks the evolution of the strategic goals established for the company.


Managers work to ensure that the different areas' decisions and actions are always fully aligned with business goals


Risk management

GRI G4-2

The risk map for Avibras's businesses is being drafted in a detailed process scheduled to take place over a 12-month period.

The first stage, initiated in November 2016, was focused on scenario analysis and the identification of risks the business faces.

The second stage will determine strategies and procedures that will enable the company to mitigate such risks, both preventively and reactively, in a process that will receive inputs from strategic planning.



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