2016 Sustainability Report



Who we are

Innovation and independence through 100% Brazilian technology


Avibras Indústria Aeroespacial is a privately-owned Brazilian company recognized worldwide for the excellence and quality of its products and systems. Its essence resides in the company's innovation and independence in critical technologies in the areas of aeronautics, space, electronics, vehicles and defense. GRI G4-EC8

In the course of 55 years, Avibras has consolidated its position as a driver of development by doing business in a way that generates value for customers, shareholders and society in a sustainable manner through employees who are professionally fulfilled.

Today the company has large, modern facilities located in Vale do Paraíba in the state of São Paulo, the main aerospace technology hub in Brazil. The presence of the industrial park, with investments in innovations that boost the range of products destined for the domestic and overseas markets, generates employment and tax income for the municipal governments in the region. GRI G4-6

“Over 50 years ago a group of ITA engineers, including João Verdi Carvalho Leite, made Avibras one of the pioneers in the aerospace sector and projected Brazil into the global Defense market.”

João Brasil Carvalho Leite

Aerospace hub

GRI G4-5


GRI G4-9

8,7 x

growth in
gross revenues in
5 years






of the company production is exported