2016 Sustainability Report



Business culture

Characteristics representing the company

GRI G4-56


To develop the company's own innovative, independent technology in the fields of Aeronautics, Space, Electronics, Vehicles and Defense, sustainably generating value for our customers, shareholders, employees and society.


To be a benchmark in Brazil in technological independence, unique solutions, solidity, technical boldness, competitiveness and  responsibility, always guided by the nation's broader interests.

Comprising habits, beliefs and values, the Avibras culture is oriented by standards, principles, mindsets and perspectives which should be shared by all employees. These are qualities and cultural traits that constitute the company's way of thinking and acting, making it unique.

Aware that culture impacts, influences and shapes organizational life, since its foundation Avibras has applied these cultural traits with a view to driving positive results for all its strategic stakeholders. Our culture is based on the posture and mindset of all employees, who represent our way of being and act as multipliers.

The concept that Avibras belongs to all employees is broadly disseminated, driving mutual satisfaction, enthusiasm and goodwill in the work place.

The internal procedures are part of the culture, recounting Avibras's history and constituting a memory center for company knowledge and experience. The procedures are dynamic, remaining abreast of the company's evolution, without the need for revolutions.

We are a solid defense company, with a continuous focus on innovation and competitiveness. Our management and governance are guided by ethics and transparency, influencing the market positively and creating an environment of trust.


Avibras values

Healthy Environment

To ensure that the company is a great place to work, where employees can achieve fulfillment.


To obtain a fair profit while serving society, being useful to the nation and driving economic, social and environmental sustainability.


To rigorously ensure safety in the broader sense: occupational safety, safety in travel, security for property and information security.


To do it right the first time. Quality depends on each individual! To ensure quality in everything we do. To pursue excellence in all our responsibilities.

Respect for people

To value the human capital that identifies with the company culture, remaining permanently updated, innovative and productive, constituting a living example of evolution without revolution.

Team spirit

Capable of working alone and in teams, showing mutual respect, zeal and willingness, without stealing the limelight. To engage in open dialogue.


To remain alert using sources of competitive advantage to exploit opportunities to use and commercialize the company’s technology in new market niches, responding rapidly and with quality to customer requests.


To organize the company for consistent growth, avoiding adventures that might put its survival at risk.

Strategic technology

To diversify markets and stabilize revenues, based on the knowledge and technologies developed.

Guidelines for success

To use internal procedures in a creative, proactive manner, as a recipe for success in the pursuit of up-to-date solutions. To focus on results and collaboration, assuming ownership of the company’s goals.

Valuing principles

Commitment to the company’s values. Wherever we are, we will always be Avibras professionals.

Focus on results

To act in an integrated and planned way, aimed at optimizing time and resources in order to achieve our goals and meet our deadlines with quality.

Harmony with the environment

Commitment to the best environmental practices and to conserving biodiversity in the company's factories. Respect and harmonious interaction with the environment.

Business Conduct

Commitment to doing business with integrity, effectively applying the Code of Ethics and Conduct, in addition to observing the management, internal procedures and work instruction manuals. Continuous improvement in compliance and anti-corruption measures and systems.

Ethics and anti-corruption

G4-SO4; G4-SO5; G4-12; G4-14

Ethics is always in evidence when Avibras does business


A commitment to ethical conduct and sustainability has always been part of Avibras's cultural values. In its more than 50 years of activities, the company has employed a series of standards and procedures that are indispensable for its operations.

These values, defined as principles that guide the organization's life, are evident in Avibras's performance in compliance and ethics, with no records of cases of corruption involving the company.

To ensure business is conducted correctly, Avibras has implanted internal structures and mechanisms to fight corruption and all kinds of deviations in conduct, ensuring a safe, fair and healthy business environment.

Avibras is compliant with legislation, standards and regulations in all the areas in which it operates, ranging from contracts with the Brazilian or overseas governments to contracts with private companies, suppliers and all others types of institution.

“Everyone in the organization must commit to doing business with integrity, adopting anti-corruption policies, procedures and practices, regardless of their hierarchical level.”

Avibras Code of Conduct

The Avibras management model is extremely transparent. All business transactions comply rigorously with the principles of impartiality, transparency, ethics, fair competition and absence of conflicts of interest, taking into account current and future societal needs in the economic, environmental and social spheres.

Avibras invests continuously in enhancing corporate governance and the instruments used to enforce it – such as the Code of Conduct, audit processes and awareness measures –, in addition to providing training in this area for all company stakeholders

The company is part of the Defense Companies Anti-Corruption Index organized by Transparency International (TIUK), which assesses the transparency and quality of ethics and anti-corruption programs in 163 defense companies in 47 countries.

Driven by senior management and with full employee engagement, Avibras is focused on becoming an ever more solid, ethical and transparent company, committed to its customers and to the development of Brazil.

Communication and clarity

For Avibras, preventing corruption is an integrated action which values greater individual, collective and institutional commitment. For this reason, the company invests in anti-corruption measures, communication and training to promote the desired conduct and disseminate compliance policies and measures among all strategic stakeholders.

All suppliers receive the Avibras Code of Conduct and must sign a term of acknowledgement. Employees are submitted to an induction and training process in which they learn the company's best practices. Upon starting work they have access to documents that help guide their behavior, including the Code of Conduct (further information on the following page). Additionally, the company has a training plan aimed at instructing employees in the content and practical aspects of good conduct and integrity policies.

Training for leaders

In 2016, Avibras conducted training on ethics and compliance with a tailor-made program for senior managers, managers and employees in sensitive areas. This is an ongoing initiative aimed at driving continuous debate on ethics and developing anti-corruption measures in order to consolidate a culture of integrity in the company.

Supplier engagement

Brazilian and overseas suppliers, service providers and agents are duly oriented about Avibras cultural values and guidelines regarding ethical principles and best business practices. All are expected to be aware and to act in accordance with the company's Code of Conduct.

Aimed at preventing corruption or fraud in tenders and contracts involving third-parties, Avibras Supply Chain policy is extremely clear and transparent. Avibras undertakes the appropriate assessments in contracting and overseeing suppliers, service providers and agents, in particular in situations considered to be of high risk. No kinds of favoritism are permitted.

All contracts have anti-corruption clauses to preclude actions not in accordance with Avibras ethical principles. Furthermore, the company does not do business with partners, agents and contractors who do not adopt a zero tolerance approach to corruption. Avibras assesses the anti-corruption practices and policies of all companies with which it does business.

Service providers who operate on company premises are obliged to acknowledge and to comply with the occupational health and safety standards Avibras applies to its own employees.

Last year, Avibras presented its new procurement policy to suppliers. This is aimed at building quality, long-term relations with this audience ensuring ethical conduct in all business relations. Suppliers were informed of the company's anti-corruption policies and received a copy of the code of conduct, being required to sign terms of acknowledgement.


Ethics Channel

In May 2017 Avibras launched its Ethics Channel, an exclusive, secure and confidential channel for reporting conduct in breach of the company's Code of Ethics or legislation, aimed at ensuring a work environment even more closely aligned with the company's values and culture.

The channel is part of a set of measures adopted to reinforce transparency and compliance with best corporate governance practices, strengthening Avibras's market positioning. Reports may be made by employees, including third-party workers, suppliers, customers and the community in general.

Prior to this, reports were made through the Ombudsman, which also received and processed suggestions, criticisms, praise and reports.


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Avibras has established the following anti-corruption targets for 2017:

Updating of the Code of Conduct – undertaking the first review of the document, which is being modified in the light of new company requirements.

Investment in communication and training – increasing the frequency of training for new employees and bringing existing ones up-to-date.

Contracting an external ombudsman - Ethics Channel – to ensure greater transparency and credibility in procedures, offering greater security and confidentiality in the receipt of any reports of deviations in conduct and other irregularities.

All reports will be handled by an independent area, which will be accountable to the Audit and Risk Committee, informing the information received, how it was analyzed and the measures effectively taken in each case.

Implementation of the company's integrity program – in a single document setting forth all the anti-corruption measures in place in the company under the terms of Brazil's anti-corruption law, encompassing the following pillars: commitment and support of senior management; the area responsible for analyzing profile and risks; establishment of rules, instruments and strategies for continuous monitoring.

All these transformations are aimed at further reinforcing Avibras's positioning in the market, driving improved results for all involved, greater security and a work environment even more closely aligned with the values and culture that helped build our company.

Integrity in practice: engaged employees committed to the company's corporate values


Code of Conduct

GRI G4-56

The Avibras Code of Conduct is designed to provide guidance for those with whom the company relates both internally and externally, aimed at driving transparency in business conduct. The document sets forth rules that establish the ethical and behavioral standards to be upheld by all company professionals, irrespective of the hierarchical level, in internal and external relations.

It also formalizes Avibras's commitment to doing business with integrity, not only ensuring compliance, but also adopting policies, procedures and practices that ensure a corruption-free business environment.

The company has instituted a plan to train employees on the content and the practical aspects of Avibras integrity policies.

The full version of the Avibras Code of Conduct is available on the internet at: avibras.com.br – Governança Corporativa – Conduta dos negócios – Código de Ética