Segurança, Qualidade, Prazo e Custo

Launched in 2017 and enhanced in 2018, the Avibras por Excelência (AVPEX) programme is the Avibras management model, which encompasses a set of dimensions and work philosophies that position leaders, employees, innovation, the value chain, culture and clients at the centre of the company’s actions.

The company culture embraces a focus on the innovation process to generate products and services that fulfil clients’ needs and expectations. AVPEX permeates this process with an approach aimed at driving continuous improvement, management of change and the elimination of waste. Leaders from all the company areas are engaged in this process. This is reinforced by the adoption of the Kaizen Programme, concentrating efforts on optimising processes and opportunities for continuous improvement, with a focus on the four priorities: safety and security, quality, on-time delivery and costs.


AVPEX governance

With its Strategic Planning, Avibras seeks to guarantee its future based on the establishment of five strategic macro-projects: business; innovation and technology; people and culture; management and business excellence; income and financial health.

Avibras por Excelência is incorporated into the fourth strategic macro-project and is designed to drive the evolution of the management model, using internationally recognised comparative references, such as Brazil’s Fundação Nacional da Qualidade (FNQ) and the American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC).

AVPEX seeks to promote:

People who learn, are motivated and committed.

Effective and efficient processes.

Innovation through simple, differentiated solutions.

Ethical and inspired leaders.

Guaranteed client satisfaction.

The constant pursuit of excellence and the continuous improvement of processes and products are fundamental Avibras characteristics

Kaizen or “change for better” is the Lean philosophy that permeates all the AVPEX dimensions and is applied to all the processes in the company’s value chain. In 2018, 14 structural Kaizen projects were executed in diverse business processes, driving positive results in the reduction of cycles, costs and business risks and improvements in quality.

Matrix management is a project coordination structure that was introduced in Avibras in 2018 as a means of guaranteeing the efficient and effective execution of development and manufacturing projects. This process helps to ensure that work is executed in line with the company’s targets and managed in accordance with the organisation’s established practices. Any development or manufacturing project requires the organised involvement of a number of organisational disciplines and areas such as commercial, procurement, product engineering, manufacturing engineering, quality, production, client support, finance, among others. This organised involvement is enabled by matrix management.

Avibras priorities: safety and security, quality, on-time delivery and costs

Segurança, Qualidade, Prazo e Custo

One of Avibras’ major competitive differentials is its culture. In 2018, the company sought to reinforce this legacy built up over 57 years by means of the Avibras Culture Programme. Led and put into practice by the company’s president and CEO, the programme is one of the dimensions of AVPEX and is aimed at ensuring that employees and suppliers appreciate the importance of the company’s four priorities, which are: safety and security, quality, on-time delivery and costs.

Every company activity must be executed taking these aspects into account. After five years of studies involving 12 different company areas, Avibras initiated the dynamics of the programme in 2018 with a focus on safety and security. By means of training sessions, courses, workshops and talks, 100% of the company’s employees, ranging from the operational levels to senior management and technicians working overseas, were provided with access to information and procedures related to information security, occupational safety, workplace safety, asset security and business security, work which will be reinforced in 2020.

In 2019 the following priorities will be underscored, in this order: quality, on-time delivery and costs.


Mapping of the Artillery Saturation Rocket System for Area Saturation (ASTROS) in the multiple rocket launch system market and identification of potential clients to expand the operator base.

Establishment of the main lines of business that will sustain the 2018–2030 strategic plan.


Mapping of new technologies and innovations to drive increased competitiveness for current products and development of the new products set forth in Strategic Planning.


Enhanced cash flow management to maintain significant results that will enable investments to support the company’s perpetuation strategy.


Reinforcement of the culture of excellence to ensure the priorities of safety and security, quality, on-time delivery and costs.


Enhancement of matrix management.


Revitalisation and enhancement of the Avibras Culture.


Evolution of the Avibras leadership model.