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Integrated Product Development (DIP) – a work philosophy adopted by Avibras in 2017, evolved significantly in 2018, with the conclusion of the DIP manual and training in use of this manual for all company leaders.

The decentralization of decision making through the nomination of product engineering technical managers to work together with project managers helped to streamline activities, speeding up development and driving team integration. Significantly, excellent results were achieved rapidly, with the conclusion of project phases having challenging deadlines and the successful execution of important stages, such as the rapid authorisation of passage from one phase of projects to the next, successful tests and the launch of diverse products under development.

Conceptual studies for new products with high commercial potential were elaborated in 2018, in line with the company’s strategic planning, based on market studies and client needs. These studies were initiated employing the DIP format, which should boost efficiency in execution, control and integration when development is approved. This pipeline of new products drives the ongoing evolution of the portfolio, boosting competitiveness and the perpetuation of the company.

The Avibras Pre-Competitive Research and Development Programme (PDPC) was introduced in 2017, with work on its structure beginning in 2018.

The Avibras Technology and Innovation Space (EATI in the Portuguese acronym), an essential component of the programme, was inaugurated in December 2018. Government authorities, representatives of universities, the armed forces, research institutes, development bodies and businesses participated in the event, which featured a talk on the secrets of innovation given by lecturers from the Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV).

As the Avibras embassy for partnerships in the research and development area, the objective of EATI is to establish relationships with science and technology institutes, teaching institutions and companies that have interests in common with Avibras in the development of technologies in Brazil, in addition to establishing a bridge between companies, academia and research institutions. 102-43 | 102-44 | 203-2

In 2018, the first technological cooperation agreements were signed with important science and technology institutes and teaching institutions. Also, the first industrial/academic doctorate grants in technology areas of interest to Avibras were approved with the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA) during the year.

This is only the beginning of activities for EATI which, in total alignment with the company’s PDPC projects, will contribute to the incorporation of critical, differentiated technologies and competencies into the company.

Segurança, Qualidade, Prazo e Custo

The objective of the EATI Space is to form partnerships for research and development