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Avibras was the star of the Saturday Air Fair – community integration

With the objective of supporting local development, the company forged even closer relations with the communities of São José dos Campos, Jacareí and Lorena, with local governments and with business associations such as the regional São Paulo Centres of Industry (CIESPs) and the São Paulo State Federation of Industries (FIESP).

In 2018, an initiative worthy of note was the company’s support for the programme to map the production chain conducted by the local government of Jacareí (SP), the purpose of which was to identify the city’s entrepreneurial profile and vocation. The work led to the organisation of a seminar on entrepreneurship in the city, of which Avibras was a sponsor. This was attended by over 3,000 people, representing small, medium and large companies. The initiative also enabled the exchange of experiences with organisations involved in preparing and training labour, such as the regional branches of Senai and Fatec. One of the high points of this interaction was the exchange of knowledge between Avibras and the micro, small and medium-sized companies, aimed at enabling them to offer products and services to the company.

Business relations in the community will tend to be strengthened even further in 2019 in view of the closer relationship between Avibras and the local Economic Development, Environmental and Innovation departments, as a result of the high level of interest shown by the local business community in activities associated with the Avibras Technology and Innovation Space (EATI) inaugurated in São José dos Campos (SP).

The Avibras Sustainability Committee is projecting a series of proactive expansion actions in partnership with these local stakeholders aimed at promoting the sustainable development of the local community.

Charity Gymkhana – The company supported this event organised by TV Vanguarda, which engages students in raising food for charities, with the donation of one tonne of rice for the Santa Edwiges municipal school, located in Lorena (SP).

Independence Day – The prototype of the Guará 4WS patrol vehicle was one of the attractions at the Jacareí civic parade, held on Avenida Nove de Julho, in the city centre. Around 10,000 people attended the Independence Day Parade on September 7, the theme of which was Jacareí, a City of Readers.

Artillery Day – Avibras participated in DemonstrArt 2018, organized by the Agulhas Negras Military Academy (AMAN), in Resende (Rio de Janeiro), with a demonstration of the Artillery Saturation Rocket System for Area Saturation (ASTROS), considered to be leading ground force fire support system in the country.

Tree Day – To commemorate the day and reinforce the company’s environmental preservation measures,15 employees with more than 35 years of service to the company planted seedlings of 16 species of fruit trees at the Jacareí plant. In addition to the environmental focus, the action was a means of recognizing the dedication and engagement of these employees over so many years, underscoring the indispensable role played by employees in Avibras’ growth.

Industry Games – Organised by the Sesi Industry Social Service in São José dos Campos, Avibras employees participated in the 2018 event, coming second overall. This was the fourth consecutive year in which the company took part in the games.

Employees plant fruit tree seedlings at Installation 2

Guará patrol
vehicle in the
September 7
parade in
Jacareí (SP)

Abandon a Book, Adopt Reading – Avibras supports this permanent project coordinated by two employees. It provides a space for culture and leisure, as well as encouraging employees to read. In place in the Jacareí and Lorena units, the Abandon a Book, Adopt Reading programme makes donated books and magazines available for loan in special areas at each unit, called Cultural Points.

At the Lorena unit, the space operates in the former bank agency at the plant. In Jacareí, the reading material is to be found at three cultural points – the restaurant, the vehicle plant and the tool shop –, where books and magazines may be left (abandoned) or picked up (adopted).

In addition to the cultural points in the Avibras plants, the project is in place in four states – São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Bahia and Mato Grosso –, involving a total of 35 partners.

Learning in Industry – In partnership with Senai, Avibras invests in the Learning in Industry programme, an initiative that offers young people aged from 14 and 24 years the opportunity to enter the labour market. During their internship, the students apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom at work and receive an allowance equivalent to one minimum salary.

Sports Sponsorship – The 2018 Great Wall of China Marathon had a Brazilian athlete among its more than 2,500 participants, the Avibras employee Julio Cézar de Oliveira, who works at Installation 3 in Lorena. Held in the province of Tianjin – one of the largest and most important in China – the marathon includes a stretch of over 8.5 kilometres through villages and farms, and climbing 3,700 steps on the Great Wall of China, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Julio Cézar de Oliveira, who has taken part in street races in Brazil for more than 11 years, came in first place in his age group and sixth place overall, adding yet another international medal to his collection. Another athlete and company employee, Ademar Dias de Oliveira, from Installation 2 in Jacareí, also took part in a major challenge: the 226-kilometre Extremosul Ultra Marathon, in Rio Grande do Sul. The race involved crossing the stretch of sands between the bars of Chuí and Rio Grande within the stipulated time limit of 54 hours. The two athletes and employees received financial support from the Avibras Sports Association (ADC).

Integrated Emergency Network – Avibras is one of the 45 private companies that participate in the Integrated Emergency Network (Rinem) that serves the Vale do Paraíba region and the north coast of São Paulo. The network comprises private companies, hospitals and various government agencies in an effort dedicated to saving lives. The goal is to develop and implement integrated projects, programmes and activities aimed at preventing, controlling and combating any kind of emergency that might put human lives, the environment and public or private assets in the region at risk.

Grupo de Assistência à Criança com Câncer (GACC) – Avibras sponsored the third Goodwill Dinner, an initiative organised by the GACC, an organisation that has been providing medical treatment for children and adolescents who have cancer for over 20 years.

2018 Winter Clothing – The company donated blankets and clothing collected by employees in the Nossa Gente Aquecendo Vidas campaign to the Fundo Social de Solidariedade charities in São José dos Campos, Jacareí and Lorena.

Support for sport: the employee and athlete Julio Oliveira, who came first in his category in the Great Wall of China Marathon

Saturday Air Fair – Organised by the Army Aviation Command (CAVEx) in Taubaté (São Paulo), the 2018 edition enabled the public to have a close look at aircraft, motorcycles, vintage cars and military material, as well as to see exhibitions by dogs of war (military working dogs) and a jump by army paratroopers, among other attractions. Also on display was the 70 mm Air-to-Surface and Surface-to-Surface SKYFIRE rocket system, a product in the extensive high added value product portfolio developed by Avibras. The admission charged for the event was one kilogramme of non-perishable food, which was donated to charitable institutions in cities in the region.

Symposium on Operational Applications in Defence Areas (SIGE), at the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA) – Avibras was one of the companies that sponsored this initiative which integrates teaching and research in operational applications at the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA), worthy of note being the postgraduate programme in Operational Applications (PPGAO), the extension course on Analysis of Electromagnetic Environments (CEAAE), the ITA Command, Control and Cybernetic Defence Laboratory (LAB-C2-DC) and the ITA Electronic War Laboratory (LAB-GE).

8th Symposium on Remote Sensing Defence Applications – SERFA 2018 – In 2018, the remote sensing subdivision of the Institute of Advanced Studies (IEAv in the Portuguese acronym), focused on discussions about the Strategic Space Systems Programme (PESE), related to new space technologies and applications for micro, nano and pico satellites. Aligned with Brazilian defence strategy (END) and the guidelines and strategic conceptions set forth by the Aeronautics Command (COMAer), the event was supported by Avibras.

2018 SAE Brazil Formula Drone – Avibras provided support for the SAE BRASIL Formula Drone Competition, a new educational initiative organised by SAE BRASIL, focused on secondary level technical education students and teachers.

First Brazilian Aerospace Congress (I CAB) – The company supported and participated in the first Brazilian Aerospace Congress (I CAB), a meeting organised by the UniAmérica – University Centre in Foz do Iguaçu (PR). The focus was on unifying Aeronautics and Space research in the academic, political and industrial fields. With the participation of 13 university centres from Brazil and abroad, the congress sought to expand dialogue between the main actors on the Brazilian aerospace scene and to provide professionals in the area with a space to exhibit and debate innovative work and proposals.

Support for the local community

First Jacareí Economic Development Forum – In partnership with more than 50 representatives of the business community, organised civil society, leaders of diverse economic segments and universities, company representatives provided support for discussions on economic prospects and their importance for an economically active city. The forum comprised talks, workshops, presentations and activities aimed at promoting local entrepreneurship. A Guará 4WS Light Armoured Wheeled Vehicle was showcased for visitors to the event.

Mapping of the Jacareí industrial production chains – Together with 60 other companies in the municipality, Avibras supported this initiative organised by the local Economic Development Department and coordinated by the regional branch of CIESP. Focused on small, medium and large companies, the goal was to map the structure of the city’s production chain and diagnose the industrial potential and the possibilities for fostering new businesses in the municipality. This mapping exercise enabled in-depth knowledge of the local production chain in order to create indicators for the Economic Development plan which will guide public authority measures to drive improvements in the city’s economy.