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Creation of the Client Care area with a team of specialists dedicated to providing support for customers

Segurança, Qualidade, Prazo e Custo

There were two highlights in the client area in 2018. One was the realignment of strategic planning which, in addition to a long-term vision of up to 15 years, gained a set of metrics and measures focused on the short-term, with an horizon of 12 months. The benefit of this initiative is the establishment of a series of goals to be achieved by diverse company areas, with a special focus on client relations. The methodology applied in the initiative enables employees to know what the company’s goals are and the results it expects for the period. The results are measured using indicators that enable senior management to assess and improve efficiency regarding the client experience in diverse company areas and divisions.

The evident benefits will be improved corporate governance and the pursuit of results to generate the value the company desires in the short and long term, ensuring transparency and clarity around the actions required of the different company areas.

Another important step was the creation of the Customer Care area with a team of specialists dedicated to providing support for clients. The company’s calling card, the Customer Care area is aimed at translating the clients’ real needs inside the company, assessing all the implications of these needs, measuring the costs involved, designing customized solutions, obtaining internal consensus and presenting the possible solutions to the client.

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) is another tool the company uses to leverage customer relations, provide support and commercialise post-sale services. This encompasses solutions for replacement parts, training, technical documentation, and other services.