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The Competitive Intelligence area, previously integrated into Strategic Planning, was reorganised in 2018 to advise and support the company’s senior management in strategic areas, with a long-term focus on competitive environments. The application of competitive intelligence has already enabled important enhancements in the product portfolio and its evolution over the short, medium and long terms, as well as the identification of potential clients and the information necessary to cultivate relations with them.

To implement any improvement project, Avibras uses as a starting point the mitigation of the business risks associated with each project. Based on this premise, various business risks are discussed and mitigated by means of Kaizen or improvement projects, in a manner that drives synergies and integrates the different organisational elements. Similarly, competitive intelligence is used to provide information on comparative and competitive references that need to be taken into account in the process improvement cycles.

Competitive intelligence assesses political, economic and technological scenarios that are seen as important drivers of change for the business and evaluates them from a competitive standpoint, determining how the company can compete with the most modern technology and most efficient processes in its segment of activity, consolidating business, manufacturing, product and service strategies underpinned by the excellence of company competencies, which are strong innovation capacity, and the generation of new technologies based on leading edge engineering.

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning process was optimised in 2018, in pursuit of simplification and greater integration with the company’s other business processes.

At Avibras, Strategic Planning is oriented to strategic long-term macro-projects on the following organisational fronts: business, innovation and technology, people and culture, business management and excellence, income and financial health.

Once the long-term strategic macro-projects have been established, it is necessary to determine the short-term goals and targets, which constitute the action plans for Avibras leaders.

For 2019, we have 45 action plans that will be monitored on a regular basis.

Segurança, Qualidade, Prazo e Custo