Reliable and effective partner for customers

The constant search for excellence and continuous improvement of its products and services is Avibras’ greatest differential, which reflects on the long-lasting and trustworthy relationship with its customers.

To ensure the readiness of the products and defense systems to fulfill their functions in an economic, efficient and effective manner throughout all phases of the product lifecycle, the company offers its customers a complete Integrated Logistics Support (Total Care) and after-sales services, including:

  • Training in tactical employment, system operation, ammunition handling and vehicular maintenance at Avibras facility and customer’s country;
  • Technical support with fixed workshop, special tools and presence of Avibras technicians in the customer’s country;
  • Updated technical publications with NATO cataloging;
  • Manuals and catalogs in electronic format and printed in the language chosen by the customer;
  • Permanent supply of spare parts;
  • Engineering technical reports;
  • Simulator for Training;
  • Fast delivery;
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance of the delivered products throughout their lifecycle.



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