With the purpose of strengthening relationships with communities, Avibras influences its chain of value in promoting human rights.

Safety practices

In the area of safety, Avibras reinforces a preventive attitude. The company has full and complete awareness of the chances of generating risks that its preponderant activity (Defense) provides.

For that reason, the company accurately practices, as much as possible, safety in every way, always being in a state of alert with the routine conduct of simulations and training, in addition to prevention campaigns. Safety practices are routinely planned, studied and applied in all aspects and levels of the company, including personnel, physical and intellectual property, reducing all forms of setbacks, which can be observed in the trajectory of the company since its founding.  

Practices at work

Avibras complies with labor laws and the institutions guidelines which adopt in principle, respect to human rights. With the goal of creating a quality and reliable relationship with employees, the company respects and promotes diversity, fighting all forms of prejudice and discrimination through its Code of Conduct.

With a focus on sustainability, Avibras' commitment is to conduct business with integrity, apply its Code of Conduct effectively and improve its compliance program, adopting anti-corruption policies, procedures and practices.