Our people make us grow

Our journey makes us proud. It was built by the commitment and work of our professionals, making Avibras a globally known company for the excellence and quality of its products, systems and services.

Driven by challenges, we are a group of people who learn, motivated and committed, and work hard to achieve the best results.

Focused on the growth of the company and its employees, Avibras invests in initiatives such as development programs and quality of life, in addition to offering attractive benefits, in a welcoming and healthy work environment.

Development and Career

Guided by excellence, Avibras believes the best results are related to continuous learning and value of employees. The company encourages the prominence of the complete team, especially the actuation of managers through an ethical and inspiring leadership, which focuses on People and Results Management and the strengthening of the organisational culture.

As an innovation and technology company, the teams must be in constant development since knowledge, allied to the experience, qualification, and talent of employees, is essential for Avibras’ success.

The journey of our professionals is full of opportunities. We take care of our employees from the moment they enter the company, throughout their journey, until the moment of planning their retirement, another important phase of people’s life, inspiring a new look to the future.

Remuneration and Benefits
Not only the company offers an attractive salary and benefits package, but also aims at offering wellness and quality of life to its employees.

Among the benefits, we highlight:

  • Medical and dental assistance;
  • Partnership with specialised cooperative for treatment with psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and global posture re-education (RPG);
  • Complementary Private Pension;
  • Group life insurance;
  • Restaurant;
  • Transport;
  • Partnership with pharmacies and supermarkets;
  • Partnership with optical stores;
  • Funeral assistance;
  • Assistance to employees’ children in case of compromised neuropsychomotor development;
  • Day care assistance;
  • Credit cooperative;
  • Food parcel.

Quality of life and Safety


The promotion of quality of life in the workplace is a strategic action for the sustainable development of Avibras. Focused on preventive actions, individual or collective, we invest in structuring actions in the areas of Health, Work Safety and Environment.

Social and health programs aim at raising employees’ awareness about the importance of new habits, behaviours and actions, inside and outside the company, generating positive impacts in people’s lifestyle.

We are committed to providing the best and safest work conditions, in addition to reinforcing the importance of preventive actions. We believe safety is everyone’s right and responsibility.

Through sustainable and collaborative actions, we make a difference in everyday life.