Healthy Environment
Ensure that the company is a good place to work and also a place where employees can all achieve their personal targets.

Obtain fair profit, serving the society and being useful to the Nation with economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Practice safety with rigor, in the Broad Sense: job safety, security, and security of information related to setbacks.

Make sure “to do it right - first time”. Quality rises with the ones who do it! Practice quality in all our activities. Seek excellence in all our responsibilities.

Respect to people
Value the human patrimony that identifies itself with the culture of the company and that permanently stays updated, innovative, productive, constituting living examples that evolve, without revolutionizing.

Team spirit
Work alone and in teams, with mutual respect, without any phony behaviors, with zeal and desire. Practice the open dialogue.

Keep in permanent alertness by using sources of competitive advantages to explore opportunities to the use and commercialization of the company’s technology in new market niches, responding with speed and quality to the requests from customers.
Keep the company’s structure organized for solid growth, repudiating adventures that might endanger its survival.

Strategic technology
Diversify markets and stabilize revenues, based on knowledge and technologies developed.

Guidelines for success
Use Internal Procedures (IP's) in a creative, proactive manner, as a recipe for success in search of updated solutions. Focus on results and collaboration, assuming the company’s objectives as our property.

Appreciation of values
Commitment to the company’s values. Wherever we are, we will always be Avibras professionals.

Focus on results
Act in an integrated and planned manner, aiming at the optimization of time and resources in order to achieve our goals and deadlines with quality.

Harmony with the environment    
Commitment to adopt the best environmental practices and biodiversity conservation in our factories. Synonymous of respect and harmonious interaction with the environment.

Business Conduct
Commitment to conduct the company’s business with integrity and effective application of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, in addition to the Management Manuals, Internal Procedures Manuals (IPs) and Work Instruction (WI). Continuous improvement of compliance and anti-corruption preventive systems.