The benefits of Avibras' actions in the market reflect not only in economy, but in technological research, project development and the professional qualification of its employees.

In more than 50 years of history, the company has advanced in practices and projects to employees, resulting in engagement, respect to cultural values, health, safety, internal communication and meritocracy, in addition to the continuous improvement and development of its staff.

Program: Avibras + 50

The Avibras + 50 program comprises planning, in a sustainable way, the next 50 years of the company, with strategic and structural actions. The goal is to add value to our people, retain human capital and promote their engagement in the pursuit of a productive, balanced, organized, safe and healthy environment.
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Social Inclusion

Avibras invests in social inclusion practices such as hiring people with disabilities. Respecting human diversity and seeking compliance with the legal precepts, Avibras maintains a contract with a specialized company, responsible for the recruitment of candidates, the selection process, awareness and integration of these professionals.

The company also offers opportunities to young people to start a professional career through the Apprenticeship Program in the Industry. It is a partnership with the National Industry Service (Senai), in which young people between 14 and 24 years of age apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom in the manufacturing environment, in the period of internship.

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Training and development

Avibras has sought to ensure the growth and development of its employees to generate the best results through specific training identified in individual or organizational competency gaps.

The company also has a robust internship program, which aims to promote professional training, integrating young people into the labor market, to promote the development of skills and attitudes, develop the responsibility and commitment of the young people with their professional career, provide technological improvement opportunity and experience the reality of the market through knowledge of the various areas of the organization.

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Credit Cooperative

Saving money and obtaining low-interest loans are the main advantages offered by the “Cooperativa de Economia e Crédito Mútuo dos Funcionários da Avibras –  (Avibras´ Employees´ Mutual Credit and Credit Cooperative)”. Recently, Avibras Cooperative was elected by Cecresp (Central Cooperative in the State of São Paulo) as the second best cooperative in the State of São Paulo in the "Micro-cooperatives" segment.
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ADC Avibras

Employees can join the 'Sports Association’ (ADC), which offers leisure and sports with all infrastructure. Health aligned to quality of life for the employee and his family.
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Health and Safety

In search of better working conditions to its employees, Avibras develops several activities in the areas of health and safety such as Prevention Campaigns to accidents and diseases, Environmental Risk prevention programs, Hearing Conservation and Respiratory Protection, and other mandatory programs, in addition to courses in these areas.

The company also has an internal Fire Department and qualified professionals in safety issues. The departments promote, once a week, the WSD (Weekly Safety Dialogue (DSS in Portuguese)), which aims to stimulate the adoption of preventive attitudes on a daily basis. The result is the greater integration and communication among the teams, an important factor for the success of the activities.

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Internal Communication

Internal Communication is essential to transfer to all employees the message that all are involved in the development of the business, creating an atmosphere of partnership and trust. Avibras invests in communication tools such as the internal journal called "Nossa Gente", bimonthly publication; information on murals; "Nossa Gente Digital" - extension of “Nossa Gente” on the intranet, as well as the promotion of commemorative events and trainings.

The publications aim to disseminate, through the company, the knowledge gained by employees, directors and owners, disclose the company actions in a transparent manner, and involve the staff in the goals set by the organization. The intranet is also offered to strengthen the company's internal communication, interpersonal relationships and encourage a positive work environment.

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The Ecological Route in Facility 2 is an invitation for a relaxing walk. Many employees use the 680-meter path at lunchtime. The place is safe and provides a feeling of relaxation and balance, favoring the day-to-day work.
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Promoting Reading

Avibras supports the Permanent Campaign "Leave a book behind, adopt the reading!" The company hosts various cultural points, receiving books and magazines to be "adopted" by the employees who pass through there. Thus, the copies are protected and available for those who want to make reading their companion.
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