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Since its foundation, Avibras applies in its daily work life the standards and rules of procedures, which provide the essential basis for its operation. This is a set of processes, customs, policies, rules, regulations and guidelines, which constitute the Avibras Culture.

All businesses must strictly comply with the principles of impartiality and transparency, ethics, competitiveness and absence of conflicts of interest, taking into account the needs of society today and in the future, in the economic, environmental and social spheres.

Statutory Directorate

João Brasil Carvalho Leite – Chief Executive Officer
Cynthia Benedetto - Executive Vice President
Leandro Villar – Executive Vice President

Board of Directors

Almir Miguel Borges - Chief Operating Officer - COO
Carlos Alberto Macedo Cidade - Corporate Affairs Director
Fábio Nakagawa – Industrial Director
Fernando Ranieri - Engineering Director

Advisory Board

João Brasil Carvalho Leite – President
Jean Jacques Moacy Rochebois Campello - Counselor
Pedro Angelo Vial - Counselor
Marcelo Sayon Sáfadi – Counselor

Ethics Committee

João Brasil Carvalho Leite – President
Mario Augusto Filipini - Vice-President
Claudio Roberto Motta – Member
Patrícia Santarém Ferreira - Member

Audit and Risks Committee

João Brasil Carvalho Leite - Member
Francisco Cespede - Member and Coordinator
Pedro Vial - Member
Mario Augusto Filipini - Secretary

Sustainability Committee

João Brasil Carvalho Leite - President
Eduardo Barreto Vieira– Vice-president
Graziela Marques - Secretary
Ana Maria C. Vieira Graton - Member
Fabrício André de Oliveira - Member
Marcia Cristina Camargo Assad Vieira - Member
Patrícia Helena S. Siqueira – Member
Patrícia Santarém Ferreira - Member