The environmental policy at Avibras aims at a sustainable development and the observation towards the environmental legislation. The management system is established based on the requirements defined by the NBR ISO 14001:2004 standard.

The goal is to promote awareness and the development of its employees regarding environmental issues so that they adhere to and improve the system, with the goal of achieving continuous improvement in the environmental performance.

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Avibras has procedures to manage waste produced in its facilities, from its generation to the final destination, meeting all the requirements of environmental legislation.

For a final disposal of hazardous waste generated, the company has the Certificates of Environmental Waste Handling (CADRI´s), issued by CETESB.

Avibras has been taking actions to minimize the generation and disposal of waste. One of them is to guide employees on the techniques to minimize the generation, or decrease their polluting potential, causing less impact to the environment and to human health.


Natural Resources

With a focus on preservation and the correct use of natural resources, as well as the health of employees, Avibras invests in systems such as:

- Ion Exchange System installed on KTL - Cathodic Electrophoretic Painting, which allows reuse, today, around 30% of the water of the process, thus minimizing the generation of waste. This index should be increased in the future.

- Replacement of the KTL boiler: replacement of the oil to a system that uses natural gas -  less polluting.