60 years ago, a group of engineers from the Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA) has founded Avibras. One of its partners became the first employee of the company, his name was João Verdi Carvalho Leite, who would be later known only as Engineer Verdi.

His greatness and pioneering spirit, together with his team, made history in Brazil and over the world. Nowadays, his legacy belongs to all the ones who work for Avibras. As the CEO of this company, I believe one of my obligations is to keep the legacy left by my father and to spread it towards the future.

Uprightness and integrity, which were strong principles always present in the company, are now easily found in a world increasingly more concerned with sustainability and respect to the global standards.

The technical excellence and creativity of the Avibras’ collaborators are well-recognized and admired. Therefore, the dedication and professional capacity, which I can clearly notice in all of them, must never be forgotten. I will share and be part of the dreams, achievements, and results we will certainly reach in the future.

João Brasil Carvalho Leite

Chief Executive Officer