Pioneering and expertise in the Space area


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Based on its in-house expertise, Avibras has a large experience in the development of techno - logical solutions in aerospace, since the early 60s, when the company joined the pioneer Brazilian Space Program supplying suborbital vehicles, rocket motors, electronics and embedded software.

Hundreds of successful launches have already been performed with Avibras´s rockets from Alcantara Launch Center (CLA) and Barreira do Inferno Launch Center (CLBI), in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Its history of accomplishments, technological and manufacturing capabilities, credibility within the Brazilian Armed Forces, and access to CLA and CLBI, major national launching centers, make Avibras as the main private integrator of launchers and rockets for the Brazilian Space Program.



Vehicles for Space Application:

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Single-stage Sounding Rockets AV-FTI and AV-FTB

The AV-FTI and AV-FTB are both single-stage rockets, which are currently launched from Al - cantara Launch Center (CLA) and Barreira do Inferno Launch Center (CLBI) for personnel operational live training and verification of the operational readiness status of the launching centers. The rockets are instrumented with S-band telemetry for scientific and technological experiments.

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Two-stage Suborbital Vehicle VSB-30

Two-stage rail-launched rocket, stabilized by fins, consisting of solid propellant motors and a payload recovery system. It is capable of carrying scientific and technological payloads up to 400 kg to an altitude of 270 kilometers, enabling microgravity experiments for up to 6 minutes. The VSB-30 has already been launched from Australia, Norway, Sweden and Brazil.
Since 2020, Avibras was granted the license to produce and commercialize the VSB-30 suborbital vehicle.

  • Suitable for hypersonic vehicles testing


Solid Rocket Motors:

reliable and safe solutions for space applications



Solid Rocket Motors

With more than 60 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of solid rocket motors, Avibras has a wide range of flight-proven products, which can be delivered in the shortest time at competitive prices. The product line includes motors of different diameters, both metal and fiber motor cases, and with various suitable propellant masses and thrusts for sounding rockets. Avibras is capable of developing and manufacturing rockets to meet most client’s performance requirements in a tailor-made approach.


Solid Rocket Motor S30

S30 Motor for space application in suborbital vehicles (VSB-30, VS-30) with metallic motor casing, loaded with 880 kg of solid propellant and delivering 103 kN of thrust during 21 seconds of burning time.

  • Suitable for hypersonic vehicles testing
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Solid Rocket Motor S31

S31 Motor for space application in suborbital vehicles (VSB-30) with metallic motor casing, loaded with 680 kg of solid propellant and delivering 138 kN of thrust during 13 seconds of burning time.

  • Suitable for hypersonic vehicles testing



Solid Rocket Motor S50

S50 Motor for space application in launcher vehicles (VLM-1) and suborbital vehicles (VS-50) with 1.5m diameter and 5.5m length, carbon fiber reinforced polymer motor casing, high structural efficiency, loaded with 12 tons of solid propellant and capable of generating 450kN of thrust during approximately 84 seconds of burning time.

Status: in development.

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Raw Material for Propellants:

strategic materials used in the production of solid rockets propellants

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Ammonium Perchlorate (PCA)

Ammonium Perchlorate (PCA) in different grain sizes (thin, medium and thick) are produced by Avibras with aerospace quality standards to manufacture solid rocket propellants.

 It is also used in explosives, specific mining applications and for making other chemical products.

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Hydroxyl-terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB)

Hydroxyl-terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB) for the production of solid propellant for rockets and other applications.

A new industrial facility in Avibras Lorena Unit will produce HTPB.



Technical Support:


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Avibras adds value to its clients with a robust structure of Integrated Logistical Support, after-sales services and specialists who are in constant training. The support ensures technical assistance in all stages of a typical space program, since its conception to disposal, to guarantee the satisfaction and fidelity of the client and to ensure the safety of employment of Avibras products.

Depending on the contract scope, the technical support includes:

• Issue of engineering reports containing technical data necessary for program/project revision meetings;

• Issue of engineering data, software components and technical documentation for safe use of the products and their interface with Launching Centers infrastructure;

• Supply of Ground Support Equipment and spare parts;

• Training courses and remote assistance;

• Technical support services to assist the conception of the system and launching campaigns.


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