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Our management model

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Since it was founded, Avibras has applied in its work daily life standards and rules of procedures, which provide the essential basis for its operation.


Avibras respects and preserves the environment at its manufacturing facilities, which are home to several plant and animal species, interacting in perfect harmony.

Ethics and Integrity

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Ethical conduct and integrity in business are priorities for Avibras.  




Reliable and effective partnership for customers

Technology and Industrial Capacity

Latest News

On November 21, Avibras installation in Jacareí was visited by the Support Centre for Defence Logistic Systems (CASLODE), an entity of the Ministry of Defence, with the goal of re-evaluating the company as a Cataloguing Unit (UniCat).
In October, Avibras signed a contract with the Brazilian Army (EB) to supply a batch of 70mm Skyfire rockets, reaffirming the solid partnership with the institution.