Avibras Unidade de Catalogacao

On November 21, Avibras installation in Jacareí was visited by the Support Centre for Defence Logistic Systems (CASLODE), an entity of the Ministry of Defence, with the goal of re-evaluating the company as a Cataloguing Unit (UniCat). The delegation of military personnel composed of Commander of Sea and War (CMG) Alessandrer de Paiva Nunes, Corvette Captain (CC) Wellington Galdino Alves de Oliveira and the 2nd Sergeant Jessiane Araújo, observed on site Avibras’ excellence in providing cataloguing services, which will result in its recertification as a cutting-edge UniCat before the Brazilian Defence Industrial Base (BID).

The military highlighted that the company's cataloguing processes are organized and structured, making Avibras a reference in this segment in Brazil and around the world.

Avibras is the first private industry in Brazil to have the right to act as a UniCat together with the Ministry of Defence, reinforcing its pioneering spirit and expertise in this area. UniCats are entities authorized to provide cataloguing services for supply items used by the Armed Forces or of interest to them.

Since 2016 Avibras has been carrying out and commercializing cataloguing services, which consist of collecting technical data to establish the identification of items and their ordering in the form of a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) catalogue, bringing international visibility to the products and prominence in the export scenario, in addition to economic and operational benefits in the logistics area.