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In September, Avibras participated in the working meeting of the Chief of Staff of the Brazilian Army (EB) with the Army Science and Technology System focusing on the continuity of the ASTROS Strategic Program (PrgEE). Held at the Army Technological Centre (CTEx) in Rio de Janeiro, the goal of the event was to coordinate, level knowledge and disseminate the program's activities in relation to research and development of the Tactical Cruise Missile and the Guided Rocket, in addition to present the current situation and define the next activities.

Among the participants in the activity were Division General Tales Eduardo Areco Villela, Director of Manufacturing (DF), Brigade General Alexandre Martins Castilho, Head of the Army Technological Centre (CTEx), Brigade General Marcelo Corrêa Horewicz, Chief of Army Assessment Centre (CAEx), Brigade General R/1 José Julio Dias Barreto, Manager of the ASTROS Army Strategic Program (EPEx), Colonel Jorge Audrin Morgado de Gois, Head of the Teaching, Research, Development and Innovation Advisory from the Department of Science and Technology (EPDI/DCT), as well as representatives from the Technological Management and Innovation Agency (AGITEC) and other officers from the Brazilian Army. Avibras was represented by the Avibras Program Management manager, Fabio Nakagawa, the Tactical Cruise Missile Project manager, Evandro Nunes and the Guided Rocket Project manager, Ronaldo Rangel. Avibras is proud to be part of the Program as an integrating company.

Designed and developed by Avibras, the ASTROS System contributes to the evolution and consolidation of Missile and Rocket Artillery, representing a technological leap in capacity, efficiency and effectiveness in the fire support of the Land Force. It also reinforces the Army's contribution to achieving the strategic objective of Extra-regional Deterrence, in addition to creating and maintaining highly specialized jobs, generating income and bringing foreign currency to Brazil with exports to friendly countries.

 Photos: CTEx