Promoting the development in its area of expertise with education, health and safety is one of the goals of Avibras, which supports and encourages projects that benefit the community.


Empresa Cidada Jacarei
A Citizen Company

Avibras won in December, 2014, the Award of a Citizen Company (Social Report 2013) awarded by the city of Jacarei Town Council. The annual award, instituted by means of Legislative Decree, is an incentive designed to disseminate the corporate social responsibility in Jacareí.
Avibras at Rinem

Avibras is among the 40 companies participating in the Emergency Integrated Network (Rinem) of Vale do Paraíba region and the North Coast, and is one of its founders. With 21 years of experience, Rinem has a system with 102 exclusive communication radio points that integrate the private sector companies, hospitals and various government bodies, in an effort dedicated to saving lives.

The goal is to develop and carry out integrated projects, programs and activities aimed at preventing, fighting and/or controlling occurrences of any kind that may endanger human life, the environment, and public or private property in the region.
Horse-back riding and hippotherapy

With a focus on sport, on citizenship and social inclusion, Avibras supports the equestrian Rico Basano, from São José dos Campos, winner of several types of horse-back riding tournaments and enabled in Special Riding by the Brazilian Equestrian Confederation. In addition to the sport, Basano devotes part of his time to the inclusion of persons with disabilities and/or educational needs through the “Rico Viver” institute.

Created in 2007, the nonprofit organization aims to promote education, health, sports and social welfare through the hippotherapy (therapeutic horseback riding), providing physical, psychological and educational gains. Headquartered in São José dos Campos, the institute assists children and adolescents.
Joven mercado trabalho
Young people in the labor market

Avibras offers opportunities to young people to start a professional career through the Apprenticeship Program in the Industry. It refers to a partnership with Senai (National Service of the Industry) in which young people between 14 and 24 years of age apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom, in the manufacturing environment, in their period of internship.
missao paz2
Peacekeeping mission

In an effort to collaborate with the UN (United Nations) Peacekeeping Mission  in Haiti, after the earthquake that hit the country, Avibras made the AV-VB4-RE vehicle – Guará - (armored reconnaissance vehicle) available to the Brazilian Army (BA), which develops a permanent assistance.
Aside from the humanitarian purpose, the presence of the Guará in Haiti for several years highlights the important and traditional partnership of Avibras with the Brazilian Army.
Caixa Sugestoes
Relationship Channel

Avibras’ Ombudsman’s Office is a relationship channel created to assist employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, thus demonstrating the concern at non-ethical or non-compliant behaviors, as regards its Code of Conduct and cultural values.

The Ombudsman’s Office ensures and protects the confidentiality of information, preserving the identity of people involved, promoting a better environment for all.