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On April 12th, Avibras welcomed Brigadier-General Ivan Ferreira Neiva Filho, Chief of the Army Project Office (EPEx) and Brigadier-General R/1 (Reserve) José Júlio Dias Barreto, Manager of the Army Strategic Program ASTROS 2020. The goal was to get to know the technological and productive capability of Avibras, as well as to follow the evolution of the contracts related to the ASTROS 2020 Program.

“What impresses me the most in Avibras is its sense of commitment. Not only it delivers a Defense product to the Brazilian society, but the company also delivers technology, defense, dissuasion, showing the world the Brazilian Flag”, highlights General Neiva.

Nowadays, the Brazilian Army has 16 Strategic Programs in the most diverse areas. According to the army, there is a vast range of possibilities for Avibras that begins with the partnership among industry, academia and government.

General Barreto, Manager of the Army’s Strategic Program ASTROS 2020 affirmed that in each visit to Avibras he gets more satisfied and proud of being Brazilian. “We had the opportunity to see the evolution of the equipment that will be part of the free jet tunnel and the integration of all the development work of the Tactile Missile Cruise. It gives us great satisfaction and security”, he said.