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In continuity with the actions to support the combat of COVID-19, Avibras donated last Wednesday, 14/04, 30 videolaryngoscopes kits to Hospital das Clinicas in São Paulo which will benefit the Intensive Care Units (ICUs) of nearly 20 hospitals of the network. The equipment, developed by Avibras in partnership with Protec (medical equipment supplier) and homologated by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency), is essential to prevent the contamination of the doctors and their team during the intubation of patients.

The project includes the transformation of the laryngoscope into a videolaryngoscope by adapting the Protec equipment using a camera with LED lights and a screen to provide an enhanced view of the larynx and vocal chords through a live video.

The camera is connected to a tablet, which runs an application developed by Avibras, to show the recorded images and guide the doctor during the procedure reducing the workload and the chances of errors when intubating the patient. The doctor follows the procedure through the screen, keeping a safe distance from the patient, avoiding a possible contamination.

In addition to aid with medical applicability, the professionals from Hospital das Clinicas highlighted the sustainable aspect of the equipment usage as it can be sanitized and used again.

In conjunction with the videolaryngoscope, the kit is also composed by the acrylic protection box to support the intubation procedure and the tablet support.

For this project, Avibras and Protec received the support of the Bronchoscopy and Pneumology medical team of Hospital das Clinicas and Doctor Andre Chiga from Hospital Sao Francisco in Jacarei. Several hospitals in Jacarei, São José dos Campos and Lorena received the kits in the past months.

Partnership – Supporting Avibras’ initiatives, Transpaula has decided not to charge the company for the transport of the donations to São Paulo, reinforcing the ideals of team spirit and solidarity in this challenging moment.