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On September, Avibras received a visit from a delegation from the Institute of Aeronautics and Space (IAE) led by Air Brigadier Frederico Casarino, director of the Institute, with the aim of reaffirming the partnership with the Brazilian Air Force (FAB ).

The president of Avibras, João Brasil Carvalho Leite and members of the Commercial and Programs areas welcomed the authorities, who had the opportunity to learn about the entire manufacturing structure and Avibras' training for the ongoing events with the Air Force, such as the production of the S50, the main engine of the Microsatellite Launch Vehicle (VLM-1) within the scope of the Brazilian Space Program (PEB). The focus was also on sharing expertise in order to collaborate with reliable, efficient products of advanced technologies, providing the execution of related projects, such as the development of a long-range cruise missile, with propulsion based on a reaction engine for launch from aerial platforms, the MICLA-BR, so called in the Aeronautics Military Strategic Plan (PEMAER) and the VSB-30 Space Rocket, a small launcher, aimed at carrying out experiments in microgravity environments.

For Avibras, this cooperation is crucial to strengthen Brazil's autonomous capacity in vehicle launches with the placement of satellites in orbit, directly contributing to the Brazilian aerospace advancement, the development of cutting-edge technology, training of industry, institutes and launch centres, in addition to promoting the country's international recognition in the aerospace sector.

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AEB Visit – Focusing on the projects and important partnerships established to boost the Brazilian Space Program (PEB), Avibras visited on September, the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), a regional unit in São José dos Campos located in the Technology Park.

Avibras military advisor André Luís Maciel de Oliveira (Cel/R1), engineer Larissa Menezes de Oliveira (Commercial) and engineer Eduardo Dore Roda (Program Management) were received by the coordinators of the AEB unit in São José, Alexandre Macedo and Jaime Silva.

AEB is interested in acquiring the S30 and S31 engines as part of the Microgravity Program. For the agency, Avibras plays a very important role in the success of PEB, especially in terms of access to space both in VSB-30 for the Microgravity Program and as a supplier of the S50 engines for the Microsatellite Launch Vehicle (VLM-1).

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