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On October 11, Avibras took part in the XI ASTROS System Workshop held by the 6th Missile and Rocket Group (GMF) in Formosa, Goiás. Senior engineer Fernando Arantes, Systems Engineering Manager, presented the company's capabilities and products for guided rockets, as well as navigation, guidance and command and control systems for this type of munition.

The workshop was organized by the General Staff of the Brazilian Army (EB), through its Project Office, with the aim of discussing and proposing solutions to topics of interest to the Army's Missile and Rocket Artillery.

Conceived and developed by Avibras, the ASTROS System contributes to the evolution and consolidation of the Missile and Rocket Artillery, representing a technological leap in capacity, efficiency and effectiveness in fire support for the Ground Force. It also reinforces the Army's contribution to achieving the strategic objective of Extraregional Deterrence, as well as creating and maintaining highly specialized jobs, generating income and bringing in foreign currency for Brazil through exports to friendly countries.

Photos: Brazilian Army