Avibras Sistema Astros Avibras Sistema Astros 2

The ASTROS - Rocket and Missile Artillery System, designed and developed by Avibras, was featured at the 20th National Science and Technology Week, held from October 16-22 at the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Centre in Brasília.

In addition to the ASTROS vehicle, other equipment from the Brazilian Army, such as communications materials, geoinformation technologies and other armoured vehicles. The aim was to present the projects and programmes developed by the Army in the area of Science and Technology, making the subject accessible to the population.

This year's theme was "Basic sciences for sustainable development". Created in 2004, the National Science and Technology Week aims to mobilise the population, especially children and young people, around science and technology activities. The event takes place in schools, universities, museums, science and technology institutions, research centres, parks and botanical gardens in various cities across the country, under the coordination of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Innovation.

Source: Brazilian Army

Photo: CCOMSEx