In relation to the report published this Wednesday, 12/13/23, on the Caiafa Master YouTube Channel, entitled “VLM Rocket is now Akaer’s! Avibras Aerospace and Defence is out and the companies Akaer and Cenic are in”, Avibras clarifies that the information is not valid. The Microsatellite Launch Vehicle (VLM) project is developed by the Institute of Aeronautics and Space (IAE), an organization of the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DCTA) in partnership with Avibras and does not involve other companies and Finep.

Avibras remains IAE's partner in this important project, which aims to launch microsatellites into low equatorial and atmospheric re-entry orbits with three stages.

The company is the only manufacturer of the S50 engine, designed with national and innovative technology, incorporating carbon fibre in the motor case, a unique combination of lightness and efficiency, highlighting a technological leap for the Brazilian Space Program (PEB). This engine represents a decisive step towards the completion of the VLM.

Recently, Avibras successfully loaded the S50 engine, which involved the work, dedication and competence of a multidisciplinary team from the company.

It is important to highlight that the successful development of the S50 engine not only validates a project that is completely national, but also boosts the development of suborbital rockets and microsatellite launchers. The VLM represents a technological achievement, positions Brazil as an active participant in the global nano and microsatellite launch market and contributes to growth and innovation in the space sector, and Avibras, as an aerospace company and pioneer in the Brazilian Space Program, is part of this achievement.

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