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Avibras attended the ceremony for the change of command of the Army Artillery Command at Forte Santa Bárbara, located in Formosa, Goiás, on Friday, January 19. Brigadier General Moisés da Paixão Júnior handed over the command to Brigadier General Erb Lyra Leal. The company was represented by the Institutional Relations advisor in Brasilia, Paulo Henrique Gabriel, Col R/1.

Avibras praises the excellent work carried out by General Paixão and the partnership throughout his time at the Army Artillery Command, wishing him every success in his new journey. The company also welcomes General Erb, reinforcing its support and partnership with the new Commander in his activities. The company wishes General Erb every success in his new career, which is sure to be full of achievements.

Avibras is proud to boost the deterrence capacity of Brazil's artillery with the ASTROS System. Conceived and developed by Avibras, the ASTROS System contributes to the evolution and consolidation of the Missile and Rocket Artillery, representing a technological leap in capacity, efficiency and effectiveness in fire support for the Ground Force. It also reinforces the Army's contribution to achieving the strategic objective of Extraregional Deterrence, as well as creating and maintaining highly specialised jobs, generating income and bringing in foreign currency for Brazil through exports to friendly countries.

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* Institutional Relations advisor in Brasilia, Paulo Henrique Gabriel, Col R/1 with Brigadier General Erb Lyra Leal, new commander of the Army Artillery. On the right, Paulo Gabriel with Brigadier General Moisés da Paixão Júnior, who handed over command to General Erb

* ASTROS vehicles highlighted at handover ceremony