Partner of the Brazilian Navy in important strategic projects for the country, such as the development of the Surface Anti-Ship Missile (MANSUP), Avibras congratulates the Navy on the Science, Technology and Innovation Day (CT&I), celebrated on April 22nd, and on the 10th anniversary of the General-Directorate for Nuclear and Technological Development for the Navy (DGDNTM).

To celebrate the date, DGDNTM will host a ceremony on the 25th, at 4PM, in the Navy’s Command Noble Room in Brasilia, with the presence of many authorities of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the Federal Government, as well as Diplomats and the Academy.

During the ceremony, there will be the launching of the 29th edition of the Naval Research Magazine (Revista Pesquisa Naval) and the giving of the Honorable Mention and the Sovereignty through Science Award (Prêmio Soberania pela Ciência).


The Naval Research Magazine – “Revista Pesquisa Naval”

The Naval Research Magazine (RPN) is a scientific periodical of annual publishing, that presents to the community a collection of studies developed by researchers of the scientific, technological and innovation areas, which themes are in accordance with the Navy’s fields of interest.

The Sovereignty through Science Award - “Soberania pela Ciência”

The Award, created in 2016, aims at recognizing and rewarding the best work developed by researchers and/or research teams of the Navy’s Scientific, Technological and Innovation Institutions (ICT), which have the potential to contribute to the achievement of the strategic goals related to the Navy’s Science, Technology and Innovation Doctrine, thus the national scientific and technological development. In this second edition, the Award was granted to the work “Metodologia para Estimativa Computacional do Ruído Vibratório em Propulsores” (Methodology for Computational Estimation of the Vibration Noise in Propellants), developed by researchers of the Directorate-General for Nuclear and Technological Development of the Navy: First-Lieutenant (RM2-EN) Eduardo Ribeiro Malta (author), Captain-Lieutenant (EN) Alceu José dos Santos Moura and Captain-Lieutenant (EN) Rubens Cavalcante da Silva (coauthors).

DGDNTM will also grant the Honorable Mention and the Sovereignty through Science Award to the Science and Technology Guild of the Naval School for the accomplishment of the Solar Boat Project. The Project aims at developing and applying renewable technologies in different kinds of crafts, as well as encourage the development of other projects.



On April 22nd, date of birth of Admiral Álvaro Alberto, a meaningful date for Science and Technology in Brazil, and in particular to the Brazilian Navy, this prominent Brazilian and marine is honored. Patron of the Science, Technology and Innovation of the Brazilian Navy, Álvaro Alberto has left as his legacy the unwavering conviction that the domain and application of knowledge are the vectors for the National Progress.








ASTROS 2020, a strategic program for the Brazilian Army, completed a significant milestone on February 1st, with the ribbon cutting ceremony of The Rockets and Missiles Logistics Center at Santa Barbara Fortress, Formosa, Goias. Avibras, a Key Partner of the Program, attended the event.

The new Center will be responsible for transportation, supply and maintenance of the ASTROS 2020, a long range fire support, multi-caliber and high accuracy and precision artillery system.

ASTROS 2020, as a key driver of the Brazilian Army transformation process, is composed of research and development projects, vehicles acquisition and modernization, as well as new facilities, stablishing an efficient, flexible, secure, reliable, and rapidly deployed fire support system, enabling the Land Forces to a vast array of missions, including extra regional dissuasion.


foto7 foto3 foto4     

Avibras participated in the Kuwait Aviation Show 2018 (17- 20 January) as part of a growing presence in Middle-East. Two key products were showcased, ASTROS System (Artillery Saturation Rocket System) and the Skyfire (Ground-to-ground and Air-to-ground 70 mm Rockets System).

Avibras is a known participant on Defense & Security as well as Innovation & Technology Shows around the word, as part of a global strategy to promote its solutions. Such events are important means to consolidate Avibras presence on the Global Market and to bring new business opportunities.


In January 25th, the Brazilian Army Opened a Rockets and Missiles Artillery Training Center, in the city of Formosa (State of Goiás). The Center is considered an important step  in the  evolution of the Brazilian Army Artillery and has the mission of qualify officers and sergeants to operate missiles and rockets, besides contributing to the improvement and development of the Employment Doctrine. The new unit is part of the ASTROS 2020 Strategic Program of which Avibras is the focal point. 

The company´s role encompass  the development and supplying of the Tactical Cruise Missile, Guided Rocket and new ASTROS Vehicles (Launchers, Ammunition Suppliers, Command and Control, Meteorological and Ground Support), all in the new MK6 version. All this in the highest technology level and going from initial conception thru engineering design, flight tests, prototyping and high technology accessories definitions.

Avibras is proud to take part in this program which is one of the inductor of the Brazilian Army transformation process.  The partnership between the Defence National Industry, Brazilian Army and Academy Representatives in the Research & Development of defense strategic product is essential for the sovereignty of the nation.

Avibras innovates with the concept of a new space for a collaborative technological development focused on innovations and technologies applied to its area of operation. The company expects it to be one more success for São José dos Campos’ s Technology Park, where it will be installed the Avibras Technology and Innovation Space in the first semester of 2018.

This new initiative will have its activities at the Business Center IV, which will open on November 14th. Avibras aims at creating a proper “startup” environment that will allow the combination of efforts among the industry, the technology parks and academia, so as to create innovative solutions and strategical technological development in Brazil.

“In Brazil, there is a significant amount of brilliant initiatives in different areas of technology that end up not creating enough critical mass to prosper and establish the technological knowledge in a pragmatic and durable way. The idea is to explore the Defence-Industry-Academia System of Innovation (SisDia, in Portuguese) that aims at increasing the cooperation and the interaction among the government agencies of all levels, the Brazilian industrial base and universities. The company’s goal is to create an “embassy” of the many institutions involved in the greatest and most traditional Heart of Aerospace Defence and Security in the country”, stated João Brasil Carvalho Leite, Chief Executive Officer of Avibras.

The purpose of this Space is to develop brazilian “know how”, promote the qualification of specialists, create processes and tools, and even products and business that assure competitiveness in Brazil and instigate the entrepreneurship spirit.

The Space created will be open to professionals and researchers and will have an adequate infrastructure to promote the interaction and collaboration in both physical and virtual environments, identify and enhance synergies aligned with the company’s strategical goals, share the available infrastructure for simulation and experimentation, sponsor and take part in events such as workshops, seminars and encounters, promote permanent Innovation Forums with structured lectures, foster academic-industrial research and the development of applied knowledge, besides providing mentorship with experienced professionals of the area.
sige1 3 sige1 2
Avibras attended the XIX SIGE (Symposium of Operational Applications in Areas of Defence) from September 26th to 28th at ITA (Aeronautics Institute of Technology). It consists of an annual academic event that aims at creating an appropriate environment for exchanging experiences between the academia, industries and Armed Forces concerning teaching themes, research and development in National Politics of Defence.

This year’s edition focused on areas of interest related to Defence Operational Analysis, Command and Control, Electronic Warfare and Weapons Systems, specifically directed at the presentation of articles, posters, lectures and mini courses.

Avibras received many visitors in its stand, including students, teachers and officers from the Armed Forces. The company exhibited innovative solutions in the Defence area, especially for Aeronautics.

Venâncio Alvarenga Gomes, Business Development Manager, believes that Avibras’ participation was extremely important to narrow the relationship with the academic community, which is strategical for the company. “It is an opportunity to show our business and our plans for the future”, he said.

Among the authorities present at the stand was the Brigadier Engineer Demétrio César Santos, Vice-President of the DCTA Project (Department of Aerospace Science and Technology) of São José dos Campos.

From the talent search point of view, the Coordinator Patrícia Helena Simões, responsible for the selection and training of personnel, affirmed that the event was very positive. “ITA is considered a mine of new talents in engineering. It was a great opportunity to introduce our company and interact with one of the greatest universities in the country”.

Avibras Indústria Aeroespacial has always been ahead of sustainable initiatives, and in order to highlight them, released its first Sustainability Report, in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) policies, which is a standard international report.

The report gathers information concerning the economical, environmental and social performance of Avibras, during the period of January 1st to December 31st, 2016, showing to the market and the society how the company continuously generates value.

The document approaches the most relevant themes of the company’s management such as Business Strategy and Economic Performance, Manpower Qualification, Relationship with Government, Healthy Workplace, Excellency in Technology, Quality and Security of Products and Services, Relationship with the Community and Local Development, and Governance and Ethical Conduct.

The year of 2016 was a year of accomplishments, changes and renewal for Avibras. The content also includes the process of strengthening of its corporate governance and the search for new opportunities. The synergy resulted in substantial changes in its administrative structure, reflected in its financial and economic performance, and in its productivity and innovation.

It is now an important moment in the history of Avibras, rescuing its origins, opening new doors to conquer more space in the national and international markets. The Company has been working to guarantee that the environmental, social and economic themes, focused on the creation and distribution of value, are present in its strategy and in its every day work.

The complete report is available at:

About Avibras

Avibras Indústria Aeroespacial is a privately-owned Brazilian company recognized worldwide for the excellence and quality of its products and systems. Its essence resides in the company's innovation and independence in critical technologies in the areas of aeronautics, space, electronics, vehicles and defense.

In the course of 56 years, Avibras has consolidated its position as driver of development by doing business in a way that generates value for customers, shareholders and society in a sustainable manner through employees who are professionally fulfilled.

With large and modern facilities located in Vale do Paraíba in the state of São Paulo, the main aerospace technology hub in Brazil, Avibras creates competitive differentials of quality and innovation, that are essential to maintain itself as a big player in the world market of Defense.

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Last June Avibras completed 56 years of pioneering and innovation and to celebrate this milestone, its journey was presented through an exhibition entitled “Our History” that took place at Lorena and Jacareí facilities.

Employees had the chance to travel in time and get to know the company’s history, its many products, and its founder, engineer João Verdi Carvalho Leite, considered a global citizen and a visionary who, with his great modesty, achieved the status of an icon as far as technology and innovation in Brazil is concerned.

In a successful trajectory, Engineer Verdi got Brazil recognized into one of the most competitive markets in the world – the Defence market. Besides the panels, the event included the display of models of Avibras’ main products and videos showing the facts that highlighted the company development.

The employees could experience and recall moments that helped build Avibras’ history, values, and culture.

Another attraction consisted of the survey “What’s your dream for Avibras?”, in which two computers were available at the exhibition area for the employees who took part in the initiative.

Appreciation of Our People – “Our History” exhibition is the result of one of the Change Management Group actions that was created last year to promote the alignment of all workers towards a common direction and to clearly communicate all the Strategic Planning goals to them.

All the activities aim at the valorization of human resources and the promotion of a major integration between the company and its employees, emphasizing the importance of team work, harmony and alignment in all levels. 
Gincana 02 Gincana 01
Focusing on social responsibility actions, Avibras has donated a ton of rice to the “Professor Climério Galvão César” Municipal School in Lorena, which is participating for the third time in the Solidarity gymkhana organized by Vanguarda TV.

The food delivery took place on May 22, with the presence of Avibras collaborators Rubens Rodrigo and Débora Dellamonica the school principal, Nilson Domingo Bueno da Cunha and Lorena’s Deputy Mayor, Marietta Bertelega, president of the municipality Social Solidarity Fund. Avibras also counted on Transpaula's support in transporting the food to Lorena.

This is the first phase of the gymkhana, where participating schools need to collect rice. The Lorena school is in Key 4 along with Guaratinguetá, Roseira and Silveiras. This year 18 schools in the region participate in this great chain of solidarity.
All food collected is destined to the assistance entities of each participating municipality.

Acknowledgment - Students were overwhelmed with Avibras’ donation. "This partnership with the companies located in our city is very important. We thank Avibras immensely for this support. It was primordial”, said the school principal, Nilson Cunha.

Deputy Mayor Marietta Bertelega also acclaimed the initiative. "Without the patronage of companies, most of the actions of the Social Solidarity Fund would not be possible. Congratulations to Avibras for this praiseworthy action”, she said.

According to the Vice President of Brazil and Americas and Institutional Relations, José de Sá Carvalho Júnior, it is a great satisfaction for Avibras to support the school in an event that encourages children and adolescents to help charity organizations. "Avibras' way of handling business and its behavior among strategic publics is as important as its annual revenues and the quality of products put on the market", he said.

According to Sá, it is essential for Avibras to integrate sustainability into its management processes in order to improve its competitiveness, legitimacy and perenniality. 
To reinforce transparency and comply with the best corporate governance practices, Avibras launched on Tuesday, 16th, in a meeting with the managers, the Ethics Channel, an exclusive means of communication that allows the receipt of complaints in a secure and confidential manner, of conducts that violate either its Code of Ethics or the current legislation.

The channel is part of a series of actions implemented by the top management with the objective of strengthening Avibras in the market, seeking the best results, more safety and a working environment even more aligned with the values and culture that helped build the company.

The Comercial Vice-President of Brazil and Americas and Institutional Relations, José de Sá Carvalho Júnior, said that Avibras is improving its governance with tools that contribute to a management model of excellence. "These improvements must transpire within the organization so that we can grow sustainably."

The Administration and Human Resources Manager, Claudio Motta, who left the Company's Ombudsman Office, highlighted the importance of an independent and exclusive channel for denouncing any misconduct, allowing a greater transparency in the process. "The internal ombudsman's office was a great learning experience. In two years, there were many demonstrations of various kinds, including suggestions and compliments”, he said.

According to Claudio Motta, the suggestion boxes will remain in the company under HR governance for exclusive receipt of suggestions, criticisms, compliments and doubts.

Executive Manager of Internal Audits Mario Filipini, who is also vice president of the Ethics Committee and secretary of the Audit and Risk Committee, explained that the Ethics Channel is an essential tool for conducting business sustainably with transparency and integrity .

Filipini explained to the managers the operation of the channel and clarified doubts. According to him, it is important that managers share this information with their employees so that there is a deployment process and the involvement of the whole company.

He also commented on the good practices that have been incorporated in the management of Avibras, such as the strong performance of the Ethics and Audit and Risk Committees in the company's integrity program. "The Code of Conduct is undergoing an update process to meet the needs of the company and the market, in addition to the internal rules of the Ethics Committee, which will also undergo a review", he added.

At the end of the meeting the managers received a pamphlet and a roller clip (retractable badge holder) allusive to the Ethics Channel. All employees will receive the gift at the end of the month.

Disclosure - The Ethics Channel is being widely disseminated to all audiences with whom Avibras maintains a relationship. Internally, posters have been posted at various points throughout the company. Adhesives have also been distributed in several areas.

A banner has been published in the intranet, as well as journalistic material. Its April/May issue, “Nossa Gente”, the company's internal journal, will also bring a report on the subject.

The Ethics Channel is also in evidence on the company's website in order to meet the needs of the external public, above all.

Learn more about the Ethics Channel

1) What is it?

It is an exclusive Avibras channel for secure communication and, if desired, anonymous, of conducts that violate the company's Code of Conduct or current legislation.

2) Why does Avibras maintain an Ethics Channel?

Avibras management model is based on transparency. The company practices, develops and perfects its culture through solid and well-defined standards and procedures, in order to strengthen its governance and compliance processes.

The Ethics Channel was created to receive possible reports of misconduct and other irregularities. Avibras, like other private sector companies, is an integral part of the fight against corruption.

The union, information and total engagement in the culture of transparency make the company's sustainable growth possible.

3) Who can complain?

Collaborators, third parties, suppliers, customers and the community in general.

4) How does it work?

The complaints can be made through the Internet, and/or through a toll-free telephone line: 0800 741 0001 every day, 24 hours, by answering machine or from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm, to talk to an analyst. As a global channel, the service is done in Portuguese and English.

5) How does it work and who receives the complaints?

The registered information is received by an independent and specialized company, ensuring absolute secrecy and Avibras Ethics Committee will handle each situation accordingly, without conflicts of interest.

6) Is the channel secure?

The channel offers complete security and secrecy to the process of receiving complaints.

7) Is anonymity guaranteed?

Yes. The confidentiality of the denunciations is guaranteed, preserving the identity of the people involved. There is no possibility of identification if the author makes this option.

8) Can the complaint be identified?

Yes. The author can choose an anonymous complaint or identify himself. The identified option is focused on the cases in which the rapporteur makes himself available to be contacted in order to clarify possible doubts about the report provided.

Reports with identification are very important because they can make the investigation more effective.

We remind you that this is an anonymous, secure and reliable channel.

9) What to report?

• Morale harassment or physical aggression
• Sexual harassment
• Acts of prejudice and discrimination
• Conflicts of interest
• Collusion (cartels, manipulation of proposals and pricing)
• Non-compliance with internal norms and policies
• Destruction or damage to assets
• Behavior deviation
• Favorability or conflict of interest
• Fraud
• Theft, robbery or material misuse
• Bribery (tips, donations, donation facilitation)
• Insider Trading
• Use or trafficking of prohibited substances
• Violation of laws in general

10) Who investigates the complaints?

All complaints are handled by an independent area, which reports to the Audit and Risk Committee on what was received, how it was analyzed and what action was effectively taken in each case.

11) What steps are taken and how to follow my complaint?

If the complaint is appropriate, the company will take the appropriate measures provided for in the Code of Conduct and in the legislation in force, depending on the content of the same.

The whole process can be accompanied by the Ethics Channel through the protocol number.

LAAD 2017 22 LAAD 2017 1
Once again, Avibras outshines at the LAAD Defence & Security, held from April 4th to 7th at Riocentro, in Rio de Janeiro. The event is considered an international reference in technology, innovation, and business generation.

During this edition of the event, the prototype of the Guará 4WS Light Armoured Wheeled Vehicle highlighted at the Avibras stand, attracting all visitors’ attention. This vehicle is part of the newest family of the Avibras Armoured Vehicles which, in this latest version of Armed Reconnaissance, allows the employment of five crewmembers properly equipped with an excellent level of protection, promptness, and extreme mobility with 4x4 traction and four-wheel driving and steering systems.

The MAN-SUP (anti-ship missile launched from the ground) prototype was another attraction of the event.
Avibras hosted a great number of international delegations and Brazilian authorities, as well as representatives of the Armed Forces and journalists from the specialized media.

Besides the Guará vehicle, the company has also spotlighted its partnership with the Brazilian Armed Forces by means of the projects A-Darter (Brazilian Air Force), MAN-SUP (Brazilian Navy), and the ASTROS 2020 System (Brazilian Army).

Projection – Avibras seeks the consolidation of its presence within the markets where the company already operates and also to constantly identify new opportunities in order to expand its participation in the market by aiming at creating a backlog which enables the expected return for the society where the company, its collaborators, and shareholders are inserted.

Avibras has always prioritized its participation in great fairs specialized in Defence, due to the benefits that such events offer to the companies for the promotion of business, brand, products, and services.

Being part of all the editions of LAAD, Avibras express that the specialized events also represent great platforms for the sales consolidation in Brazil and abroad and, at the same time, they bring excellent prospects for the company.

Worldwide recognized for its excellence and the quality of its products and defence systems, Avibras Indústria Aeroespacial will take the prototype of the Guará 4WS Light Armoured Wheeled Vehicle to LAAD Defence & Security 2017, which will take place from 4th to 7th April, at Riocentro - Exhibition & Convention Centre, in Rio de Janeiro. This vehicle is part of the newest family of the Avibras Armoured Vehicles which, in this latest version of Armed Reconnaissance, allows the employment of five crewmembers properly equipped with an excellent level of protection, promptness, and extreme mobility with 4x4 traction and four-wheel driving and steering systems.

The vehicle is also intended for tactical employment during special operations of security forces in urban areas: fight against organized crime, security vans and bank robbery, as well as the combat to drug trafficking. As a versatile multi-task vehicle, it may be also employed in the combat against armed conflicts. The vehicle is also available in a personal transport version, cargo transport, emergency ambulance, mortar launcher vehicle, anti-tank vehicle, and assault tactical vehicle.

Guará will be featured in the exhibition stand of the company, located at Hall 4 – Stand D-50 together with the ASTROS AV-TCM (Tactical Cruise Missile with range of 300 km), powered by turbo-jet propulsion, which has reached its final stage of development and certification. The AV-TCM is a project already contracted by the Brazilian Army, within the scope of the ASTROS 2020 Strategic Project, whose main purpose is to equip the Land Forces with a state-of-the-art defence system.

The partnership between Avibras and the Brazilian Armed Force will also be highlighted during the LAAD by the exhibition of the programs A-Darter (Brazilian Air Force), MAN-SUP (Brazilian Navy), and ASTROS 2020 System (Brazilian Army).

Avibras takes part in the binational program between Brazil and South African Republic for the development of the 5th generation Air-Combat Missile A-Darter which will equip the Gripen fighter aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force.

In partnership with other Defence Industrial Base companies, Avibras takes part in the development of the MAN-SUP, anti-ship missile launched from the ground, being responsible for the engine and final integration of the missile, among other components that will equip the future ships of the Brazilian Navy fleet.

Aiming at equipping the Land Forces with a modern strategic system of extra-regional deterrence, the ASTROS 2020 Strategic Project is in full progress and will enable the launching of several rockets of the ASTROS family as well as the Tactical Cruise Missile from the platforms of the latest Universal Multiple Launcher in its MK6 version. The system is provided with means capable of supporting the long-range firing with high precision, lethality and mobility.

The system also allows the firing preparation, from the moment of receiving the mission, establishing the flight path command and control, up to the damage control, being connected to the Command and Control System of the Brazilian Army Ground Task Force (SC2Fter).

Prospects – Avibras has always prioritized its participation specialized Defence Exhibitions, due to the benefits that such events offer to the companies for the promotion of its products and services as well as for business opportunities. Avibras is part of LAAD history, taking part in all its editions and recognizes LAAD as the most important exhibition in the security and defence sectors in Latin America.

The specialized events also represent great platforms for the sales consolidation in Brazil and abroad and, at the same time, they bring excellent prospects for the company. Recognized for the high level of its participants, LAAD Defence & Security is considered an international reference in technology, innovation, and business generation.

About Avibras

Avibras Indústria Aeroespacial is a Strategic Defence Company, 100% Brazilian, which develops its own innovative and independent technology in Aeronautics, Space, Electronics, Vehicles and Defence, generating value for its customers, shareholders, employees, and the society in a sustainable way.

Founded in 1961, Avibras is a centre of innovation and development – a genuine system house. The organization has an outstanding position in the history of the aerospace sector as one of the pioneers in the project and development of aircraft, special vehicles and defence products.

With great and large industrial installations in Vale do Paraíba (São José dos Campos, Jacareí, and Lorena), centre of the main Technology and Aerospace Park in Brazil, Avibras stands out by the production of the ASTROS 2020 System (new generation of ASTROS System- product of greatest success), capable of launching rockets, cruise missiles, and guided rockets.

As part of the national and international market, Avibras has also an outstanding position due to the development and industrialization of different rocket engines and missiles for ground, air, and maritime employment; fixed and movable C4ISTAR systems (Command, Control, Communication, Computing, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance), as well as the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) – Falcão.

Result of a bold and entrepreneurial project, the Avibras armoured vehicles plant and missiles laboratory may be considered one of the most modern in Brazil. The industrial park allows the development of new products, fostering the job creation, investment in technology, and the growth of the range of products for the domestic and foreign markets.

gmf gmf2 gmf3
On January 25th, the change of command ceremony took place in the 6th GMF (Group of Missiles and Rockets), in Formosa – Goiás. The Lieutenant-Colonel Alexandre de Almeida Melniski transferred the command and authority of the unit to the Lieutenant-Colonel Elson Lyra Leal. Avibras honoured this event represented by a team led by the engineer José de Sá Carvalho Júnior, Brazil and the Americas Commercial Vice President and Institutional Relations Vice President.

The ceremony was presided over by the Divisional General Luis Carlos Pereira Gomes, Planalto Military Commander, and attended by the Army General Juarez Aparecido de Paula Cunha, the Commander of the DCT (Army’s Department of Technology), the former commanders of the 6th GMF as well as the civilian and military authorities from the region of Formosa.

The Lieutenant-Colonel Melniski will continue his career at the ASTROS 2020 Strategic Project office and, therefore, will keep in close contact with Avibras.

The Lieutenant-Colonel Elson was serving at the Intelligence Centre of the Army when he was assigned to this new position. He already has experience with the ASTROS System, acquired during the period he commanded an ASTROS Battery at the former 8th GACosM (Motorised Coastal Artillery Group) in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro.

The 6th GMF is the only unit of the Brazilian Army which operates the ASTROS System. Over the recent years, the unit has received the modern ASTROS vehicles in their Mk6 version as well as the Mk3M modernized vehicles, thus concentrating the greatest firepower of all Latin America and the impressive strategic dissuasive capacity, besides being the generating centre for training and doctrine on the employment of missiles and rockets artillery.

Avibras wishes the officers great success in the execution of their new functions.

vlm1 vlm2 vlm3 vlm5 vlm4
Avibras closes the year 2016 with an important milestone in the history of the Brazilian Aerospace sector, restating and strengthening its outstanding position in this field as one of the pioneering companies in programs of space research.

On December 22th, the Brazilian Institute of Aeronautics and Space (IAE) hosted the contract signing ceremony for the manufacture of S50 engines belonging to the VLM-1 and the VS-50 projects, which represent a special moment in the development of the Microsatellites Launching Vehicles.

The event was attended by the president of Avibras João Brasil Carvalho Leite, the Brazil and the Americas and Institutional Relations Vice President José de Sá Carvalho Júnior as well as other representatives of the company, the Director-general of the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DCTA), the Air Lieutenant-Brigadier Antonio Carlos Egito do Amaral, the IAE Director Engineer Brigadier Augusto Luiz de Castro Otero and the Projects Director of the Foundation for Science, Technology, and Space Applications (FUNCATE) Dr. Donizeti Andrade.

This contract marks the end of an extensive work started in September 2015 with the creation of the Terms of Reference No. 024/2015, in which the IAE requested to the FUNCATE the elaboration of the Offer Request for the delivery of eight S50 engines, necessary for the all stages of the VS-50 and the VLM-1 projects, until the first flight of each project prototype.

After more than one year of managerial, technical, and commercial analysis, period when the professionals of AIE and GAC-EMBRAER furthered the discussions in these three areas, they reached the Final Offer – Revision C, of November 2016, from the only provider, the Avibras Air and Marine Division S.A.

Throughout the following twenty-six months, the company must manufacture the project of the S50 engine and produce six engines together with their accessories, followed by AFI and IFI (Industrial Fostering and Coordination Institute) technicians for the best development of the contract regarding the technical and quality points of view, and the FUNCATE for the managerial, financial, and administrative points of view. The two remaining engines will be matter of the Amendment of the Contract, after revision, submission, and approval of the Amendment of the Agreement 001/2015, between the IAE and the FUNCATE, for the development of the VLM-1.
recebimento site recebimento2 3 site recebimento2 5 recebimento2 6 recebimento2 1 recebimento2 7
On November 14th, Avibras delivered the second batch of Modernized ASTROS 2020 System vehicles composed of six Universal Multiple Launchers and three Ammunition Supply Units to the 6th MRB (6th Missiles and Rockets Battalion) of the Brazilian Army. Such vehicles will be fielded by the 2nd Battery of the 6th MRB. The ASTROS 2020 Program is part of the National Defense Strategy and is integral to the Brazilian Army transformation process.

The Logistics Commander, General Guilherme Cals Theophilo Gaspar de Oliveira presided the vehicles delivery ceremony which took place in Formosa (Goiás).

In his speech, General Theophilo reminded that the Brazilian Army Artillery Command will be set up in Formosa and, within its structure, there will be a Missiles and Rockets Logistics Center.

The Planalto Military Commander, Lieutenant General Luiz Carlos Pereira Gomes pointed out that it is a great pride to have the greatest firepower in Brazil. General Pereira Gomes also reminded that the City of Formosa will join Training, Operation, and Logistics the Country´s Artillery with pride.

The President of Avibras, João Brasil Carvalho Leite highlighted that is very important to the National Defenses Industry that the Brazilian Army use equipment produced in Brazil as this helps the Defense Industry when competing with the external market.

The ASTROS 2020 Strategic Program

The ASTROS 2020 Strategic Program aims at providing the Land Forces with means capable of offering a long-range fire support with high accuracy and lethality. The ASTROS 2020 Program has different phases: (1) creation and implementation of a Missiles and Rockets Unit, Missiles and Rockets Artillery Training Center, Missiles and Rockets Logistics Center, Target Acquisition Battery, Ammunition Bunkers, Administration Base and a Training Field in Formosa; (2) development of two new munitions: a Guided Rocket and a Tactical Cruise Missile with 300 km range; and (3) construction of Military Housing and other facilities necessary for the well-being of the Military Family in the Formosa garrison. 
vista externa 01 Estande

Avibras had an important participation at Indo Defence Expo & Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia, last 2 to 5 of November.

Important authorities visited Avibras booth where its line of defense products was on display, including the ASTROS (Artillery Saturation Rocket System), worldwide reference in its class.

The ASTROS System vehicles are considered one of the most advanced equipment in use by the Indonesian Defence Forces.

The exhibition was composed of more than 750 companies from 55 countries.
On the last 14th October, the launching of another Basic Training Rocket (FTB), developed and manufactured by Avibras, took place in the Launching Centre of Alcântara (CLA), in Alcântara - MA. This event is part of Falcão I/2016 Operation, which aimed in the operational training of the centre team for preparation, launching, and tracking of rockets.

The event was carried out with the presence of the Air Force Colonel Cláudio Olany Alencar de Oliveira, CLA´s director, the Air Force Lieutenant-Colonel José Alberto dos Santos Bezerra, Training Rocket Project Manager (Projeto Foguete de Treinamento - FOGTREIN) and the Avibras Sales Executive Mr. Marco Aurélio Almeida.

The rocket launching was successfully performed. The Basic Training Rocket (FTB) followed theexpected flight path and the nominal parameters were reached.
IMG 20160929 WA0095 Estande BID Estande BID 02
The Guará 4WS Light Armoured 4x4 Vehicle stood out at the 4th BID (Defence Industrial Base) Exhibition, held from September 27th to 29th in the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center, in Brasília. The prototype of the vehicle was displayed in the Avibras’ stand, which welcomed the Ministry of Defence Raul Jungmann and many other military authorities.

The event counted with more than 3.5 thousand people, being entrepreneurs, military attachés, representatives of embassies and governments, and nearly 100 exhibiting companies.

The presence of Avibras in exhibitions such as BID Brazil aims at promoting the company’s businesses, especially the products with high added-value and services in the national and international market, consolidating the sales in the Brazilian market and abroad.

The Guará 4WS Light Armoured Vehicle was entirely designed and developed by Avibras for military use, being able for use by the three Armed Forces, as well as for public security employment. This vehicle has a high level of ballistic protection and the capacity of increase or decrease of this protection due to the modular conception used in its project.

The high load capacity of this vehicle combined with its agility and extreme mobility with a 4X4 traction and four-wheel driving and steering systems are the Guará’s distinctive features which are fundamental for operation in urban and rural areas.

Avibras has also exhibited the AV-TM ASTROS Tactical Cruise Missile and the AV-SS-40G Guided Rocket during the event.

The BID Brazil Exhibition is promoted by the ABIMDE (Brazilian Defence and Security Industries Association) with the support of the Ministry of Defence, the Armed Forces, and the APEX-Brazil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency).