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Avibras attended the Indo Defence 2022 Expo & Forum, from November 2-5, in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is the largest Defence and Security event in Southeast Asia.

The company was part of the Brazilian Defence and Security Industrial Base (BID) pavilion organized by ABIMDE (Brazilian Association of Defence and Security Materials Industries) in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil). Brazil's presence at the event contributed to expanding cooperation with Asian countries, accessing new markets and attracting investment.

Important authorities were present at the Avibras stand, which presented its entire line of Defence products, including ASTROS (Artillery Rocket System for Area Saturation), a world reference in its class. ASTROS System vehicles are among the most sophisticated defence equipment of the Indonesian Armed Forces.

For Avibras, participating in Indo Defence was an excellent opportunity to promote its business, strengthen its relationship with friendly nations and seek partnerships in research, development and production of new solutions for the market






Avibras received in February the certification of “Ethical Company”, an initiative of the Brazilian Association of Software Companies (ABES) in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Defence and Security Material Industries (Abimde).

The company is in compliance with the pillars of the “An Ethical Company” Programme, which is directed to the associated companies of the participating entities and aims at building a business environment in Brazil favourable to innovation, ethical, dynamical and globally competitive.

The certification reinforces one of Avibras’ premises, which is acting in conformity with the regulations and in accordance with the best corporate  governance practices, the reason why the company is constantly investing and improving its actions related to ethics and compliance, disseminating the principles and values of the company to its publics.

As part of the Anti-corruption Compliance Programme, Avibras has a Code of Ethics that reinforces the ethical and behaviour patterns required of all professionals, regardless of hierarchical level, in work and external relations.

Avibras also has an Ethics Channel, through which internal or external public can report to the company any alleged misconduct and irregularities. It is an independent channel for the safe and, if necessary, anonymous communication to inform the company possible deviations that violate the Code of Ethics or current legislation.

Avibras encourages practical integrity through regular compliance trainings, besides the constant promotion on its communication channels. Concepts of ethics, conduct, moral and conformity are addressed in addition to day-to-day and work environment examples.

The goal is to make each employee a member in the maintenance of a healthy workplace, ensuring that respect, harmony and ethics are present in the everyday life of the company and workers.


Avibras is honoured by Hospital das Clínicas

As a recognition for the support against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Medical School of São Paulo University (FMUSP) and FMUSP Hospital das Clínicas (Clinical Hospital) honoured Avibras in a ceremony hosted in São Paulo, in November. The company, represented by Eduardo Leonetti (pictured – third from left to right), institutional relations, received a trophy given as appreciation for the videolaryngoscope kits donated in the first semester of 2021. In addition to Avibras, other 300 partners contributed to Hospital das Clínicas.

Participated in the ceremony the São Paulo State Health Secretary, Jean Gorinchteyn; executive secretary of São Paulo State Health Secretariat, Eduardo Ribeiro Adriano; FMUSP director and chairman of the HCFMUSP deliberative council, Tarcísio Eloy Pessoa de Barros Filho; HCFMUSP clinic director Eloisa Bonfá; and HCFMUSP superintendent, Antonio José Rodrigues Pereira.

Honoured by Hospital das Clínicas

Our technology – In April this year, Avibras donated 30 videolaryngoscope kits to Hospital das Clínicas of São Paulo, benefiting Intensive Care Units (ICUs) of nearly 20 hospitals of the network.

Developed by Avibras in partnership with Protec, medical equipment supplier, and homologated by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), the videolaryngoscope is essential to prevent the contamination of doctors and their team during the intubation of patients.

For this project, Avibras and Protec received the support of the Bronchoscopy and Pneumology medical team of Hospital das Clínicas and Doctor Andre Chiga from Hospital São Francisco in Jacarei.

The project consists in the transformation of the laryngoscope into a videolaryngoscope by adapting the Protec equipment using a camera with LED lights and a screen to provide an enhanced view of the larynx and vocal chords through a live video.

The camera is connected to a tablet, which runs an application developed by Avibras, to show the recorded images and guide the doctor during the procedure, optimizing time and preventing errors when intubating the patient.

The doctor follows the procedure through the screen, keeping a safe distance from the patient, avoiding a possible contamination. In addition, the equipment facilitates the work of professionals new to the procedure.

The videolaryngoscope kit is composed of the equipment, an acrylic protection box to support the intubation procedure, and a tablet support. Besides Hospital das Clínicas, hospitals in Jacarei, São José dos Campos and Lorena received the kits. 

Videolaryngoscope Kit


Avibras marca presença nas principais entidades de classe dos setores Aeroespacial e de Defesa

In order to defend the interests of the companies in its sector of actuation and support the technological development in Brazil, Avibras actively takes part in important entities, with representatives in the board of directors of the Brazilian Association of Defence and Security Materials (ABIMDE), Aerospace Industries Association of Brazil (AIAB) and Defence Industry Union (SIMDE).

In October, the National Sales General Manager, Fernando Ikedo (pictured below), was elected first vice-president of ABIMDE’s Board of Directors for the next three years (2022-2024). The association, recognized as the leading association in the defence and security sector, promotes and values national companies within the country and abroad. In addition, it carries out projects that encourage export in order to fuel the country’s economy and the generation of highly skilled employment.

Space Business Manager, Avandelino Santana Júnior, represents Avibras in AIAB. He was elected in April this year as vice-president for the three-year term of 2021-2025. AIAB is the national association that gathers and represents the Brazilian companies in the aerospace sector, promoting and defending their common interests and objectives in Brazil and abroad.

Commercial-director Paulo Franklin is Avibras’ SIMDE representative, occupying the position of second vice-president in the 2019-2021 management. The union aims at supporting the activities of the defence sector association and working as a union association in the search for equal policies. Its main goals include the achievement of an outstanding position in the country’s industrial context, the viability of the defence industry in the foreign market, and the reinforcement of the sector’s importance before government bodies and other entities.

Avibras recently joined the National Association for Research and Development of Innovative Companies (ANPEI) and became the leading company of the Brazilian Space Cluster, managed by the São José dos Campos Technology Park, to consolidate the country’s aerospace and defence production chain.

MTC é destaque em Revista internacional

The Tactical Cruise Missile (AV-TCM), developed and manufactured by Avibras within the Brazilian Army Strategic Program, ASTROS 2020, was featured on the cover of the prestigious international magazine Military Technology. The special edition Brazil, published in November, presents an article on the Brazilian Defence overview, the use of new technologies, modernization of means, and acquisition of new capacities that aim at maintaining a capable ground force to face the current and future challenges.



Parceria Avibras e SMS 

The companies will collaborate to design joint solutions that combine their technologies and capabilities in precision guided weaponry, and that meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Brazil, Spain, and other allied countries.

Madrid, November 3, 2021 -  The Brazilian company Avibras and Spanish company SMS (ESCRIBANO M&E,GMV, NAVANTIA Sistemas and SENER Aeroespacial) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in which they join forces and establish a stable collaboration between both companies with the purpose of working on the development and promotion of joint solutions regarding guided rocket and missile systems. The signing took place during the FEINDEF International Defence and Security Fair in Madrid, and was attended by Brazilian and Spanish authorities as guests.

The agreement reinforces the position of both companies in a segment of high complexity and technologicalspecialization such as precision guided weaponry, and seeks to combine the capabilities and experiences accumulated in this field by Avibras and SMS. Avibras has in its portfolio the ASTROS System, the most flexible system on the market due to its modularity and for being the only one in the world that launches ballistic rockets, guided rockets, and the MTC (Tactical Cruise Missile) from the same launcher. SMS, in turn, consolidates the main capabilities of the Spanish industry in missile systems, including technological areas such as guidance, navigation, and control (GNC) equipment and systems for rockets and missiles, actuation systems, command, control and communications systems, and the ability to integrate systems.

The agreement reached by Avibras and SMS encourages international technological collaboration in areas such as propulsion and GNC or communications in order to be prepared to present high value-added proposals that meet the requirements of different projects currently under definition, including the SILAM project of the Spanish Army or the evolutions of the MTC for the Brazilian Armed Forces. The agreement also contemplates exporting the joint solutions to allied countries.

According to Fernando Mato, CEO of SMS, “For SMS it is an honour and pride to be able to collaborate with a world leader in rocket and missile systems such as Avibras. With this agreement, we ratify our commitment to promoting international cooperation in systems of high strategic value. We are sure that this agreement will be beneficial for both companies, which will contribute with their complementary technological and industrial capabilities, but above all, for our Armed Forces, which will have reliable solutions, fully adapted to their requirements and with national sovereignty throughout its life cycle”.

As for João Brasil Carvalho Leite, Director-President of Avibras, he has indicated that this agreement is of utmost importance for Avibras, which has found a strategic partner in Spain and SMS for two reasons.“First, for its value as a Spanish industrial benchmark in missile systems and guided rockets. Moreover, because its technological and industrial capacities are complementary to those of Avibras, and therefore do not limit the collaboration to one country. We will work together to offer the best solutions to our respective countries and other allied Armed Forces. We are confident that this long-term cooperation will result in great success with high value-added products to meet the customer needs".

About SMS

Spanish Missiles Systems (SMS) was born as a collaborative proposal of the national defence industry to consolidate and develop the technological and industrial capacities of the country in missile systems and high-performance guided munitions. The new partnership is formed with the objective of increasing strategic autonomy and national sovereignty in this area of critical military capacity, efficiently supporting the Armed Forces throughout the life cycle of the weapons systems, promoting international cooperation, and strengthening export capacity.  


With 60 years of experience, Avibras Aerospace Industry is a Strategic Defence Company recognized worldwide for its excellence and quality of its products, systems and services. Its vocation in the areas of technology and innovation is evidenced by its 60 years in the development and industrialization of various defence products and systems, particularly missiles and rockets. In addition to its ability to develop and integrate complex technologies, Avibras stands out for mastering every detail of the product life cycle, complying with the most demanding quality standards and becoming the most reliable and effective partner fornational and international clients.



Alto Comando do Exército visita Avibras  

Brazilian Army Commander, General Paulo Sérgio Nogueira de Oliveira, and other representatives from the Army High Command visited Avibras’ Facility 2, in Jacarei, last Friday 08/10. The visitors had the opportunity to tour the facility and get to know the company’s accomplishments and projects, reinforcing the partnership between Avibras and the Brazilian Army.

The committee visited Avibras’ exhibition room, the Rockets Assembly and Integration Area (SMIF), the vehicle production line, and ASTROS System simulator. The Generals also met with the board of directors of the company to deal with projects and matters of interest of the Ground Force.

“All Generals were impressed with Avibras, with its technological and industrial capacity, and its importance for the National Defence”, highlighted Fernando Ikedo, National Sales General Manager.

The visitors were welcomed by Avibras’ CEO João Brasil Carvalho Leite, Vice-President of Operations Almir Miguel Borges, Financial Vice-President Rodrigo Rosa, National Sales General Manager Fernando Ikedo, Business Development Manager Virlei Alves da Silva, and Project Manager Supervisor Rodrigo Gonçalves dos Santos.

In addition to the Army Commander, were also present the Army Generals Marcos Amaro dos Santos, Army General Staff (EME), Marco Antonio Freire Gomes, Land Operations Commander (COTER), and Tomás Miguel Miné Ribeiro Paiva, Southeast Military Commander (CSME), and others.








Test of S50 Rocket Motor is a success 

Brazilian Air Force (FAB), through the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DCTA), and the Institute of Aeronautics and Space (IAE) technical team, in São Jose dos Campos (SP), performed this Friday (01/10) the first burning test of the S50 rocket motor. Avibras is responsible for the project execution, which is 100% national and financed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation through its bound autarchy by the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) and Financier of Studies and Projects (FINEP).

The event was attended by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Marcos Pontes; DCTA General-Director, Air Force Lieutenant-Brigadier Hudson da Costa Potiguara; Director of Institute of Aeronautics and Space, Air-Brigadier César Augusto O’Donnell Alván; and representatives from Avibras and other organizations that were part of the project, as well as FAB General-Officers, Commanders, Directors and Chiefs of Military Organizations.

For the Minister, this is a historical moment of celebration. “Considering the Brazilian Space Program, it is as if we were now ascending to the second phase. Thanks to the effort of many people we have the possibility to improve the Space Program and expect great news ahead”, he affirmed.

The S50 is the largest rocket motor ever manufactured in Brazil, it has 12 tons of solid propellant and innovative technologies for the Brazilian Space Program, such as the use of carbon fibre in the production of the motor envelope, making it lighter and more effective. The Lieutenant-Brigadier Potiguara commented on the importance of the test. “This moment is historical and meaningful for the Brazilian Space Program. Brazilian nation must to be proud of it. For several years we have been searching for the start of this establishment, a complete circle of launching, and it began with the manufacture of the S50 rocket motor. From now on, we are only a few steps away of our VLM (Microsatellites Launching Vehicle) being able to orbit loads up to 50 kilos”, he affirmed.


The success of this test is crucial for Brazil to move forward in the final phases of the development of the S50 motor, which will provide the country new capacities in terms of production of suborbital vehicles and microsatellites launchers.

The Microsatellite Launching Vehicle (VLM-1) is a Strategic Project of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and it aims at the development of a VLM in partnership with the German Launch Centre. IEA Director, Brigadier O’Donnell, commented on the test. “From now on we can walk firmly towards the objectives of the Brazilian Space Program. This work has been done for years and the preparations have begun six months ago, involving dozens of people and 32 teams”, explained the General-Officer.

The first burning test of the motor is a result of a complex and challenging work, which counts with the professionalism of technicians and engineers from IAE and the contracted company.  VLM-1 Project Manager, Major Engineer Rodrigo Cesar Rocha Lacerda, celebrates the success of the test. “The campaign marks a very intense work of many years involving IAE and Avibras. This success is essential so that we can go forward with our Brazilian Space Program”, concluded the officer.

“Because it was developed within the scope of the national industry by Avibras, the project strengthens the concept of the triple helix of innovation, serving as an example of the conjunct effort among industry-institute-government for overcoming technological challenges. It also demonstrates Avibras’ expertise in the development of aerospace technologies”, highlighted Avibras Manager of Space Business, Avandelino Santana Júnior.


Source: Information from CECOMSAER




 guardiao cibernetico

Focused on the development of new technologies, Avibras will participate, from October 5 to 7, in the Cyber Guardian Exercise 3.0, Brazil’s major cybersecurity training. The event, coordinated by the Cyber Defence Command (ComDCiber) of the Ministry of Defence, will count with the participation of 350 people from 58 public and private organizations.

The exercise reproduces cyberattacks in critical structures of the country and the participants have the opportunity to practice defence strategies to prevent a national collapse. The areas of Defence and Security, as well as the civil institutions that take part in the training, must work in a cooperative environment, with synergy of efforts, to avoid the interruption of the essential services simulated in the exercise.

The critical infrastructures consist of strategic areas for the country such as synergy services, water, telecommunication, mobility, air traffic and others.

Avibras will participate in the event together with Atech, providing the Air Defence System (SDA) jointly developed by the two companies for this event. The system will allow the participants to practice cyber defence actions in different scenarios with military characteristics.

In April this year, Avibras and Atech provided a similar system during the Locked Shields 2021 event, the greatest cyberwar simulation exercise in the world, for the countries that are part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and other invited nations, such as Brazil. For the Cyber Guardian 3.0 Exercise, the emulated systems will be fit for the Brazilian scenario.

Responsibilities – Avibras and Atech will act together, but with different responsibilities during the exercise.

Avibras will have to ensure to all weapons system of the virtual exercise a safe and resistant operation against the cyberattack of the other teams taking part in the exercise. The weapons system comprises aiming and firing subsystem, subsystem of missiles and ballistic rockets launching vehicle and programming subsystem of guided ammunition.

On the other hand, Atech will have to apply concepts and technologies of integration, governance, sensors, command & control (C2) and broad situational awareness, enabling decision-making in threatening situations, including cyberattack. The C4i receives, filters and collects the information of the radar simulator, classifies the aircrafts track data, receives data from the missiles launchers, treats all the data and sends the information of the hostile targets to the weapons system gateway. In addition, it updates the targets and missiles information at the command and control servers.

Air Force General Staff visits EATI

Avibras Technology and Innovation Space (EATI), in São José dos Campos Technology Park, welcomed Chief of 7SC at the Air Force General Staff (EMAER) on August 20. The purpose of the visit was to assess the possibility for future partnerships in technological and innovative projects of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

Major General Roberto da Cunha Follador, chief of 7SC at EMAER and 14 other officers were present at the meeting. The delegation was welcomed by Avibras’ Senior Manager of Technology and Innovation Luiz Gentil, Institutional Relations Eduardo Leonetti, Space Business Manager Avandelino Santana Júnior, and Sales Executive Elvio Dutra.

Part of the officers already knew the company, but the visit allowed greater integration and proximity between the parts. The delegation had the opportunity to know the company even further, the possibilities of partnerships and the purpose of EATI, which is to serve as Avibras’ Technology and Innovation embassy for research, development and innovation in an environment of partnership and collaboration with universities, research institutes and funding agencies.

In addition, the company presented its projects in the Defence and Space areas.

Avibras is the newest member of ANPEI

Avibras is the newest member of the National Association for Research and Development of Innovative Companies (ANPEI), Brazilian multi-sectoral entity, which promotes environments of cooperation with the whole innovation ecosystem at a global level, generating value to the research, development and innovation companies and contributing with the social and economic growth of the country.

The participation of the company at ANPEI serves the purpose of the Avibras Technology and Innovation Space (EATI), which is to act as an embassy for research, development and innovation in an environment of partnership and collaboration with universities, research institutes and funding agencies.

According to Avibras’ Senior Manager of Innovation and Technology, Luiz Alberto Gentil, besides expanding its institutional representativeness, Avibras aims at stimulating the generation, exchange of knowledge and good practices of innovation, and articulating opportunities for partnership, projects and business in Brazil and abroad.

“The managed and continuous innovation is the base for maintaining the competitiveness of the company and expanding its actuation in new markets”, he affirmed.

Dia do Soldado

Avibras consolidates aerospace and defence production chain in Brazil

Avibras was invited to participate as anchor-company of the Brazilian Aerospace Cluster, managed by the Technology Park, which aims at consolidating aerospace and defence production chain in Brazil.

With 60 years of experience and worldwide recognition for the excellence and quality in critical technologies in the aerospace, electronics, vehicular, and defence segments, the company will represent the space and defence sectors in the national market and space segment in the international market.

Luiz Alberto Gentil Mendes, senior manager of Innovation and Technology at Avibras, believes that the association reinforces the company’s expertise in the aerospace and defence segments. According to him, the Brazilian Aerospace Cluster is an important environment to support the consolidation of the aerospace industry, seeking synergy and increase of competitiveness in the global market, strengthening the business in the sector.

“To be a part of the Cluster as an anchor-company fits the purpose of Avibras’ Technology and Innovation Space (EATI), which is to act as an ‘embassy’ for research, development and innovation in an environment of partnership and collaboration with universities, research institutes, and foster agencies”, he affirmed.

Certified by the Ministry of Defence as Defence Strategic Company, Avibras is considered the main private integrator in launchers and rockets of the Brazilian Space Program, with access to operate in Alcantara Launch Centre, in Maranhão, and Barreira do Inferno Launch Centre, in Rio Grande do Norte.


Marcos Pontes and Avibras

The minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), astronaut Marcos Pontes, met last Tuesday (6) executives from Avibras Aerospace Industry. With 60 years of experience, the company believes in the partnership among the public sector, industry and academia to develop the space market of the country. Part of the board of directors joined the meeting remotely and the company’s Director of Institutional Relations, Eduardo Leonetti, was present at the ministry.

During his speech, Leonetti presented the Program of Incentive to the Brazilian Space Market – PRO ESPAÇO. According to him, the project is inspired by PROINFA Eólica which presented a set of initiatives in the sector that contributed to Brazilian 7th position in the global rank of installed capacity of production and wind energy.

PRO ESPAÇO suggests a virtuous cycle with qualification, increase of competitiveness and access to the market. Predictability with the creation of long-term market. Improvement in economy with the consolidation of the national industry and generation of jobs, technology domain and innovation. As well as the promotion of sustainability with the demand of products and services that generate benefits to the society.

Among the challenges of the sector, the company mentioned budget restrictions, lack of financing, lack of organised demand, the need of State programs, and others. “We want to increase the competitiveness of Brazilian industry, ensure the domain of critical technologies, reduce the dependence of foreign services and create a sustainable market”, stated Leonetti.

Avibras’ CEO João Brasil Carvalho Leite made sure to reinforce that PRO ESPAÇO is a project of the industry. “We contemplate actions in partnership with the government, but this is a private proposal. There is an enormous potential in the aerospace sector. Such projects expand our capability to research and develop in a fantastic manner”, Leite declared.

For MCTI minister, Avibras’ proposition came in the right time. “We are living a unique moment in the Brazilian space program. Programs such as PRO ESPAÇO are in accordance with our proposal, which is the strengthening of an entire production chain. I always say that a project cannot move forward if it solely relies on the public sector. There is the need for private investments in partnerships”, assessed Pontes who also pointed out the similarity of the project with the one the government has been working in the Brazilian space program.

“This is what we are searching for. The combination of Space Centre, launching structure, and development of a productive chain of launching vehicles for satellites or payloads that can be developed”, affirmed.

At the meeting, the Secretary of Financial and Project Structures of MCTI, Marcelo Meirelles, reminded that although the proposition is aligned with government planning, it is necessary to have demands. “We have several instruments that can help this project, but it is extremely important that the company has an answer for the financing need of a product or service. And most importantly, to whom it is going to sell”, he questioned.

Also at the meeting, MCTI general coordinator of Strategic Technologies, Ricardo Mangrich, affirmed that the government has been negotiating with the National Congress and Ministry of Economy to improve legal security and update the legislation of the sector to stimulate investments of the private sector. “We are fully aligned in this sense so the aerospace sector does not rely so much on public budgets. Our intention is to work simultaneously in three actions. The modernization of regulatory matters, mapping of existing initiatives and strategies of what we truly desire for the future”, he concluded.



We believe in the value of education and we are always ahead of initiatives that can benefit the community, especially the youth. In May, we donated computers in good condition to the Alberto Santos Dumont Course (CASD) in São José dos Campos, a non-profit organization run by students from the Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA). The entity provides quality education for socially vulnerable youngsters in São José dos Campos through preparatory courses for college entrance exams and high school and technical schools exams.

The computers will support the students in this period of pandemic, since the classes are taught at a distance. We are very happy to support this initiative, which aims at transforming lives through education.



We are proud of our history. We have reached our 60s with a trajectory full of achievements and challenges, actively participating in Brazilian technological, industrial and economic development, and contributing to the defense and security of our country and friendly nations.


Click here and discover our successful journey!

 videolaringoscopio hc 1 videolaringoscopio hc 2

In continuity with the actions to support the combat of COVID-19, Avibras donated last Wednesday, 14/04, 30 videolaryngoscopes kits to Hospital das Clinicas in São Paulo which will benefit the Intensive Care Units (ICUs) of nearly 20 hospitals of the network. The equipment, developed by Avibras in partnership with Protec (medical equipment supplier) and homologated by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency), is essential to prevent the contamination of the doctors and their team during the intubation of patients.

The project includes the transformation of the laryngoscope into a videolaryngoscope by adapting the Protec equipment using a camera with LED lights and a screen to provide an enhanced view of the larynx and vocal chords through a live video.

The camera is connected to a tablet, which runs an application developed by Avibras, to show the recorded images and guide the doctor during the procedure reducing the workload and the chances of errors when intubating the patient. The doctor follows the procedure through the screen, keeping a safe distance from the patient, avoiding a possible contamination.

In addition to aid with medical applicability, the professionals from Hospital das Clinicas highlighted the sustainable aspect of the equipment usage as it can be sanitized and used again.

In conjunction with the videolaryngoscope, the kit is also composed by the acrylic protection box to support the intubation procedure and the tablet support.

For this project, Avibras and Protec received the support of the Bronchoscopy and Pneumology medical team of Hospital das Clinicas and Doctor Andre Chiga from Hospital Sao Francisco in Jacarei. Several hospitals in Jacarei, São José dos Campos and Lorena received the kits in the past months.

Partnership – Supporting Avibras’ initiatives, Transpaula has decided not to charge the company for the transport of the donations to São Paulo, reinforcing the ideals of team spirit and solidarity in this challenging moment.

cyberseguranca 2

Focused on the development of new technologies and markets, Avibras is presenting its capacity for developing military systems at Locked Shields, the largest cyber defence simulation exercise in the world, to the countries that compose The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and other invited nations.

The annual event, organized by the Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE), started on April 13 and will continue until the April 16 in Tallinn, Estonia, considered the most digital country in the globe. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the event this year is conducted virtually and counts with the participation of 25 nations.  

The objective of the competition is to train the cyber defence teams which mission is to defend the infrastructures of Berylia - a fictional country in war with a neighboring nation (Crimsonia).

The participants are divided in five groups actuating in the following areas: fictional country infrastructure (Green Team), attack, (Red Team), defence (Blue Team), monitoring of activities (Yellow Team) and control of the exercise (White Team).

Avibras and Atech, representing Brazil’s defence industry, are part of the Green Team, which acts on the infrastructure of Berylia, collaborating in the coordination of the activities and supplying the scenario with an Air Defence System.

The invitation for this important event occurred during the International Conference on Cyber Conflict (CyCon), organized by CCDCOE, at which Avibras accompanied a committee of the Brazilian Army (EB) Command of Cyber Defence.

A group of Avibras engineers is allocated at the Avibras Innovation and Technology Space (EATI) to focus on the competition.

Potential – Engineer Fernando Arantes believes this to be a great opportunity to show Avibras’ skills to develop systems in a prominent international context. “The success obtained up to this point is the result of a team focused on the concept of Security by Design and exclusively dedicated to this Project”, Fernando declared.

cyberseguranca 1