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In the coming September 27th up to 29th, Avibras will take part in the 4th BID Brazil Exhibition in the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center, Brasília. The purpose of this event is to generate new opportunities for international businesses, supporting and creating new markets for the Brazilian companies when presenting their expertise in products and services. Avibras has taken part in the exhibition since its first edition, in 2012.

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AVB Cepac

Sustainable development, transparency, and ethics at the organization are constant themes in the Avibras’ agenda. Avibras recently donated a heat exchanger equipment to Cepac - “Criança Especial” de Pais Companheiros Association (“Special Children” of Colleague Parents Association), a non-profit care institution from Jacareí. Check out the report of TV Câmara Jacareí.

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Avibras’ employees, Patrício Rejas, Mauro Ribeiro (DCBA) and engineer Kathia Sá (GENS) visited the Agulhas Negras Military Academy (AMAN), in Resende - RJ, on July 06th, 2016 in order to know the Firing Support Simulator (SIMAF) operated by the Brazilian Army (EB) for artillery training purposes. They were met by the Lieutenant-Colonel Aquiles, the SIMAF commander.

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SCV 6663 SCV 6571
After one year with no hydrotherapy (physiotherapy in water) for its patients, the Cepac – “Criança Especial” de Pais Companheiros Association (“Special Children” of Partners Parents Association), a non-profit institution from Jacareí, can now celebrate. Avibras donated a heat exchanger, an essential equipment to heat the swimming pools where the therapy of people with neurological disabilities is done.
The delivery took place in June 23th and was attended by Avibras Corporate Governance Director Márcio Santos, members of Avibras Sustainability Committee, Patrícia Santarém and Márcia Assad, the President of the Chamber Representatives of Jacareí, Arildo Batista and the Institution representatives, Antonio Amado Pinto, president, and Ana Maria Bonfim, manager.

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SCV 6410 SCV 6416 
On June 17th, Avibras received the “Friend of the Airborne Brigade” titleship, in military ceremony which took place in the 12th Light Infantry Brigade (Airborne), in Caçapava – São Paulo. The objective of the ceremony was to recognize the people and companies who provide relevant services to that Military Unit.

The engineer Eduardo Avila (DCBA/AMC) represented Avibras during the event. “Receiving this title in the name of the company brings me great honor. I am proud to see the gratitude of the Brazilian Army towards the activities supported by Avibras and in which the company takes part.”, he said.

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DSC 6627 DSC 6499 
Between June 17th and 18th, Avibras participated in the “DemonstrArt 2016”, which took place in the Agulhas Negras Military Academy (AMAN). DemonstrArt is intended to pay homage to the Arm of Artillery, the main firing support of the national ground forces. 
The celebrations at AMAN starts every year on June 10th, date of anniversary of the patron of the Brazilian Arm of Artillery Marshal Emílio Mallet, and finishes with the graduation ceremony and the exposition of artillery materiel. During the ceremony, real firings are performed with the artillery equipment. 
Avibras took part in the ceremony with the AV-LMU launching AV-SS-09 TS rockets (training rockets), which were fired by the AVIBRAS team, supervised by the Reserve Colonel Hélio Barroso (GEDP/APLC) with the support of Major Alexandre Villa, Liaison Officer of the Brazilian Army (EB) at Avibras. 

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In order to reinforce the commitment to conduct its business with integrity and meet the national and international anti-corruption standards and policies, Avibras took part, on May 18th, in a conference on procedures for compliance and classification for the information in the framework of Law on Access to Information (LAI), at SAIN (International Affairs Secretariat) in Brasília. The company was represented by the associates employees Fernando Mandaji (Finance), Graziela Marques (Communication and Ethics Committee), and Paulo Henrique Gabriel (Sales).

The conference aims at presenting to the exporting companies using the resources of the Official Export Credits Programs, new procedures for identification and prevention of practices of corruption acts during export credit operations with official supports.

The procedures meet specially the recommendations and commitments undertaken at the OCDE (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) scope.

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SCV 1451 SCV 1792 SCV 1913 SCV 2431
The Guará 4WS 4X4 vehicle for police operations, entirely designed by Avibras, stood out as one of the highlights at LAAD Security (Public and Corporate Security International Exhibition), which took place between April 12th and 14th at Riocentro – Exhibition & Convention Center, in Rio de Janeiro.

Avibras officially presented the vehicle prototype, which holds all the technology applied in its successful projects for military employment. As a result, Avibras developted a vehicle with excellent level of ballistic protection and quick increase and decrease of protection due to the modular concept applied in the project. The great agility and extreme mobility with four-wheel drive 4x4 and four wheel steering are the vehicle special features, which are fundamental for off-road and urban operation.

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Avibras Guara 4WS

Recognized worldwide for the excellence and quality of its products and defense systems, Avibras Indústria Aeroespacial will officially present the prototype of the Guará 4WS 4X4 vehicle, version for police operations, in LAAD Security (Public and Corporate Security International Exhibition) from April 12th to 14th, at Riocentro – Exhibition & Convention Center, Rio de Janeiro.

The exhibition gathers national and international companies which supply technology, equipment, and services for Public Security, Police Forces, Special Forces, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and security managers from major companies, service and infrastructure concessions from Brazil and Latin America.

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Between march 29th and April 1st, Avibras took part in the FIDAE (International Air and Space Fair) 19th edition, in Santiago - Chile. This is the most important Aviation, Defense, and Security event in Latin America.

Avibras booth was located at the Hall Brazil, an exhibition area coordinated by ABIMDE (Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Materials Industries), the CECOMPI (Brazilian Aerospace Cluster), and the APEX-Brasil (Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency) with the Defense Ministry support. 

The Air Force Commander, General Nivaldo Luiz Rossato, the Secretariat of Defense Products (SEPROD) of the Defense Ministry Perpétua Almeida, and the Army General Juarez Aparecido de Paula Cunha, Chief of the Army Technology and Science Department, honored Avibras with their visit during the exhibition.

The Brazilian Hall was occupied by 60 companies which are part of the Brazilian Defense Industrial Base (BID), all of them aiming at closing new business with the international market, presenting their products and innovations.

During its last edition, in 2014, the exhibition counted with 604 exhibitors from 43 different countries, in addition to 125 aircrafts and approximately 150 thousand visitors.

SCV 0528 Estande 03 Comandante Força Aerea Brasil 1


With the presence of the Ministry of Defense, Aldo Rebelo, the Army Commander, General Eduardo Villas Bôas and Avibras´ CEO Sami Hassuani, the official handover of the first batch of the modernized system ASTROS MK3-M to the Brazilian Army was held on Thursday, the 10th. The solemnity was held at the 6th Group of Missiles and Rockets (GMF) in Formosa (Goiás).

The batch contains nine modernized vehicles and is part of the Army Strategic Project ASTROS 2020 (PEE ASTROS 2020) of the Ground Force. They are six universal multiple launchers (LMU) and three re-ammunition supply vehicles (RMD). These vehicles have gone through a complete reformulation and technological update process. The vehicles MK-3 (3rd generation) have been updated for the MK-6 (6th generation) model. The differential of the modernized vehicles is that they incorporate the digitalized control and command system (C4I). This means the insertion of certain technologies, such as GPS, encrypted radios, computers and digital navigation.

For the Ministry of Defense, Aldo Rebelo, this project is strategic and aims at keeping and enlarging the dissuasion capacity of the Ground Force.  

– The Ministry Aldo Rebelo executed the first shot of the ASTROS vehicle during the presentation at the 6th GMF. The ASTROS 2020 project manager, General José Júlio Dias Barreto, highlighted the evolution this project symbolizes for the Army. According to him, the shooting of missiles and rockets carried out by means of the same platform installed on the universal multiple launcher vehicle is a differential worldwide.

General Barreto also highlighted Avibras´ relevant performance as a strategic Defense company, 100% Brazilian and generator of a genuinely national technology.
Avibras´ CEO, Sami Hassuani, commented on the importance of the partnership with the Brazilian Army. The event enriched the efforts of Avibras´ collaborators, who made this first step of the modernization process possible. This is a new activity within the company, source of much learning, and successfully accomplished.
Tupi imprensa 021Tupi imprensa 031

Avibras is one of the finalists in the selection process conducted by the Brazilian Army (EB) for the acquisition of a Light Wheeled Multi-Task Armored Vehicle (VBMT-LR) as part of the scope of the Army strategic project named Guarani. The TUPI 4x4 vehicle will be produced under license, in the new Avibras‘ armored vehicles manufacturing facility in Jacareí, São Paulo, in response to a progressive process to increase the domestic content in the Military Programs. This is also the result of the cooperation between Avibras and Renault Trucks Defense. The VBMT-LR vehicle will complete the new family of armored wheeled vehicles, planned to restructure and modernize the capacity of the Ground Forces of the Brazilian Army (EB).

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Avibras received on Thursday, June 25th, the visit of the Minister of State for Defense Jaques Wagner. Avibras President, Sami Hassuani, presented to the Minister and his delegation several departments of the company, demonstrating Avibras’ technological potential and high production capacity.

The Minister has gone around for one hour and half to get to know Avibras’ products, among them the "Falcão" - Remotely Piloted Aircraft (ARP), the Missiles developed with national technology and the ASTROS System, and has also highlighted the quality of the Avibras professionals.

He also visited the new armored vehicles facility, which develops and implements efficient and innovative solutions in the production of special vehicles, mainly for military application.
Reuniao Codigo essa
The President of Avibras, Sami Hassuani, reinforced during the coordination meeting held on Tuesday, July 23rd that Avibras is fully committed to conduct business with integrity, effectively applying its Code of Conduct and improving the compliance program with policies, procedures and effective anti-corruption practices.

One year after its release, the Code has undergone a revision and a new version will be made available by the Human Resources Department to all employees, third parties and suppliers starting this week,. The Code is also available on the intranet and Avibras website by clicking on the Corporate Governance links. It is of vital importance to Avibras that everyone understands the corporate values set out in the code and performs their professional duties in accordance with the Code. In case of doubts, the company advises everyone to speak to their superiors (area manager) or the Ombudsman.

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